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PHY 102
Physics Computations I
PHY 170
Investigations in Physics
PHY 183
Phys Scientists & Engineers I
PHY 183B
Phys Scientists & Engineers I
PHY 184
Phys Scientists & Engineers II
PHY 184B
Phys Scientists & Engineers II
PHY 191
Physics Lab for Scientists I
PHY 192
Physics Lab for Scientists II
PHY 193H
Honors Physics I-Mechanics
PHY 205
Directed Studies
PHY 215
Thermodynamics & Modrn Physics
PHY 231C
Introductory Physics I
PHY 231
Introductory Physics I
PHY 232
Introductory Physics II
PHY 232C
Introductory Physics II
PHY 233B
Calculus Concepts Physics I
PHY 234B
Calculus Concepts Physics II
PHY 241
Phy Cellular & Molecular Bio I
PHY 242
Phy Cellular & Molec Bio II
PHY 251
Intro Physics Lab I
PHY 252
Intro Physics Lab II
PHY 294H
Physics II - Electromagnetism
PHY 305
Directed Studies
PHY 321
Classical Mechanics I
PHY 405
Directed Studies
PHY 410
Thermal & Statistical Physics
PHY 415
Methods of Theoretical Physics
PHY 422
Classical Mechanics II
PHY 431
Optics I
PHY 440
PHY 451
Advanced Laboratory
PHY 471
Quantum Physics I
PHY 472
Quantum Physics II
PHY 480
Computational Physics
PHY 481
Electricity and Magnetism I
PHY 482
Electricity and Magnetism II
PHY 490
Physics Senior Thesis
PHY 491
Intro to Cond Matter Physics
PHY 492
Intro to Nuclear Physics
PHY 493
Intro to Elem Particle Physics
PHY 800
Research Methods
PHY 801
Survey of Atomic and CMP
PHY 802
Survey of Nuclear Physics
PHY 803
Survey of Elem Particle Phys
PHY 810
Methods of Theoretical Physics
PHY 820
Classical Mechanics
PHY 831
Statistical Mechanics
PHY 841
Classical Electrodynamics I
PHY 842
Classical Electrodynamics II
PHY 850
Electrodynamics of Plasmas
PHY 851
Quantum Mechanics I
PHY 852
Quantum Mechanics II
PHY 855
Quantum Field Theory
PHY 861
Beam Physics
PHY 862
Accelerator Systems
PHY 864
Accelerator Technology
PHY 899
Master's Thesis Research
PHY 905
Special Problems
PHY 913
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
PHY 918
Quantum and Non-linear Optics
PHY 921
Quan Trans & Mesoscopic Phys
PHY 950
Data Analysis Methods
PHY 951
The Standard Model
PHY 955
Relativ Quantum Field Theory
PHY 959
Special Topics in HE Physics
PHY 961
Non-Linear Beam Dynamics
PHY 962
Particle Accelerators
PHY 963
U.S. Particle Accelerator Sch
PHY 964
Seminar in Beam Physics Resear
PHY 981
Nuclear Structure
PHY 982
Nuclear Dynamics
PHY 983
Nuclear Astrophysics
PHY 989
Special Topics in Nuclear Phys
PHY 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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