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PHM 211
Pharm & Tox in Society
PHM 321
Common Drugs
PHM 350
Intro Human Pharmacology
PHM 351
Fundamentals of Drug Safety
PHM 422
Fundamentals of Neuropharmacol
PHM 431
Drug Abuse
PHM 450
Intro to Chemical Toxicology
PHM 454
Lead Teams Scientist Hlth Prof
PHM 461
Tropical Medicine Pharmacology
PHM 480
Special Problems
PHM 483
Chemotherapy of Infectious Dis
PHM 487
Current Topics in Pharm & Tox
PHM 552
Veterinary Pharmacology I
PHM 553
Veterinary Pharmacology II
PHM 557
Veterinary Toxicology
PHM 564
Basic Prin Med Pharmacology
PHM 590
Clinical Pharmacology
PHM 658
Res Prob Pharmacology or Tox
PHM 801
Fund Principles Pharm/Tox
PHM 802
Cell Mol & Integ Systems PHM
PHM 803
Chemical Disposition in Mammal
PHM 804
Mol and Dev Neurobiology
PHM 805
Drug Receptor Interactions
PHM 816
Integrative Toxicology
PHM 817
PHM 819
Principle Drug-Tissue Interact
PHM 822
Academic & Research Integrity
PHM 827
Physiol & Phrm Excitable Cells
PHM 828
Concepts in Carcinogenesis
PHM 829
PHM 830
Exp Design & Analysis
PHM 831
Endocrine Pharmacology & Tox
PHM 833
GI and Liver Pharm and Tox
PHM 834
Respiratory Pharmacology
PHM 835
PHM 837
Autonomic Pharmacology
PHM 839
Systems Neuroscience
PHM 840
Safety Pharmacology
PHM 841
Cellular & Molecular Tox
PHM 850
Communications for Scientists
PHM 851
Intellectual Property & Patent
PHM 854
Leadership & Team Mgmt
PHM 855
Business of Biomed Research
PHM 858
Drug Development Process
PHM 895
Applied Integrative Project
PHM 899
Master's Thesis Research
PHM 910
PHM 980
PHM 982
MS Capstone Literature Review
PHM 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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