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PHL 101
Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 130
Logic and Reasoning
PHL 210
Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHL 211
Modern Philosophy
PHL 220
PHL 330
Formal Reasoning
PHL 340
PHL 342
Environmental Ethics
PHL 344
Ethical Issues in Health Care
PHL 345
Business Ethics
PHL 350
Intro Social and Political Phi
PHL 351
African Philosphy
PHL 353
Peace and Justice Studies
PHL 354
Philosophy of Law
PHL 356
Philosophical Aspect Fem
PHL 357
Philosophy of Karl Marx
PHL 361
Knowledge and Reality
PHL 380
Nature of Science
PHL 411
Aristotle Seminar
PHL 413
Sem in Early Modern Phil
PHL 415
Kant Seminar
PHL 416
Hegel Seminar
PHL 417
Seminar in 19th Century Philos
PHL 421
Top Euro & Continent Phil
PHL 431
Top Phil Logic and Language
PHL 432
Logic and its Metatheory
PHL 440
Central Issues in Ethics
PHL 442
Ethics and Animals
PHL 451
Philosophy & Black Experience
PHL 452
Ethics and Development
PHL 453
Ethics in Global Health Care
PHL 460
PHL 461
PHL 462
Philosophy of Mind
PHL 463
Intro to Cognitive Science
PHL 480
Philosophy of Science
PHL 486
Biotech Ag Appl & Ethical Iss
PHL 490
Independent Study
PHL 491
Special Topics in Philosophy
PHL 492
Capstone Seminar (W)
PHL 493
Philosophy Internship
PHL 499
Senior Thesis (W)
PHL 800
Proseminar in Philosophy
PHL 801
Teaching Philosophy
PHL 810
Sem History of Philosophy
PHL 820
Sem Continental Philosophy
PHL 830
Grad Sem in Logic and Language
PHL 840
Seminar in Value Theory
PHL 860
Sem Metaphysics & Epistemology
PHL 870
Sem Philosophy of Health Care
PHL 880
Sem Philosophy of Science
PHL 890
Independent Study
PHL 894
Pract Philosophy Health Care
PHL 897
Sem Fem Theories Epist Pedag
PHL 899
Master's Thesis Research
PHL 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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