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PHD 600
Pediatric Specialty Clerkship
PHD 601
Human Devel & Pediat Sub-spec
PHD 602
Ambulatory Pediatrics Clkshp
PHD 603
Pediat Infect Diseases Clkshp
PHD 604
PHD 605
Pediatric Cardiology Clerkship
PHD 606
Ped Endocrin & Metabol Clkshp
PHD 607
Ped Hemat & Oncology Clkshp
PHD 608
Ped Pulmonary Disease Clkshp
PHD 609
Pediatric Genetics Clerkship
PHD 610
Ped Allergy-Immunology Clkshp
PHD 611
Ped Critical Care Med Clkshp
PHD 612
Ped Gastroenterology Clkshp
PHD 613
Ped Emergency Medicine Clkshp
PHD 614
Pediatric Nephrology Clerkship
PHD 615
Pediatric Neurology Clerkship
PHD 616
Pediatric PM&R Clerkship
PHD 617
Ped Adolescent Med Clkshp
PHD 618
Pediatrics Sub-Internship
PHD 619
Ped Hospital Medicine Clkshp
PHD 620
Child Abuse Pediatric Clrkshp
PHD 621
Pediatric Rheumatology Clrkshp
PHD 633
Extended Clinical Experience
PHD 641
Pediatric Subinternship
PHD 643
Pediatric Critical Care
PHD 644
Pediatric Sub Int Remediation
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