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NUR 205
Intro to Professional Nursing
NUR 220
Intro to NUR Scholarship
NUR 300
NUR 301
Clinical Pathophysiology
NUR 322
Care of Acute/Chronic Ill I
NUR 324
Health Promotion I
NUR 325
Transition to BSN Practice
NUR 332
Care of Acute/Chronic II
NUR 334
Health Promotion II
NUR 336
Health Promotion for the BSN
NUR 340
Foundations Nursing Practice
NUR 355
Integrative Seminar I
NUR 371
Behavioral Health Nursing
NUR 375
Research/Evidence-Based Pract
NUR 423
TransitionalNeeds-Adults w/IDD
NUR 436
Care of Children/Their Family
NUR 437
Care of Childbearing Family
NUR 441
Future of Nursing
NUR 445
Care of Acute/Critically Ill
NUR 451H
Honors Research Internship
NUR 455
Integrative Seminar II
NUR 460
Leadership Clinical Practice
NUR 465
Leadership Immersion
NUR 470
Community & Population Health
NUR 471
Public Health Nursing
NUR 475
Ethical Practice
NUR 481
Scholarship for Nurs Prac (W)
NUR 485
Integrative Seminar III
NUR 802
Theory Foundations & Role
NUR 804
Statistics for the Healthcare
NUR 805
Pathophysiology for APN
NUR 806
Research for Adv Practice Nur
NUR 807
Clinical Decision Making
NUR 809
App Pharm for Adv Practice Nur
NUR 814
Health Care Policy & Politics
NUR 820
Health Assess for Family
NUR 822
Prac I
NUR 823
Primary Care Mgt of Family II
NUR 824
Prac II
NUR 832
Prac I
NUR 834
Prac II
NUR 835
Health Assessment Lifespan
NUR 837
Primary Care Mgt Adult/Aged II
NUR 838
Care for Aging Individuals
NUR 860
Physical Assessment for CNS
NUR 861
Nursing Ed Curriculum Design
NUR 862
CNS Internship
NUR 864
CNS Role Immersion
NUR 866
Academic and Clinical Teaching
NUR 868
Topics in Nursing Education
NUR 874
Clinical Practicum I
NUR 877
Anesthesia Physiology and Path
NUR 879
Chemistry & Physics of Anest
NUR 883
Principles of Anesthesia II
NUR 884
Principles of Anesthesia III
NUR 886
Anesthesia Practicum II
NUR 887
Pharm for Anesthesia Prac I
NUR 888
Pharm for Anesthesia Prac II
NUR 890
Special Problems
NUR 891
Selected Topics
NUR 893
Clinical Practicum III
NUR 894
Clinical Practicum IV
NUR 896
Clinical Seminar II
NUR 897
Clinical Seminar III
NUR 902
Scientific Foundations for APN
NUR 903
Healthcare Informatics forAPRN
NUR 905
PtSafety,Qual Imp,QualMgt HC
NUR 906
Ldrship in Complex Health Sys
NUR 907
Adv. Pathophysiology for APRN
NUR 908
Adv. Phys. Assessment for APRN
NUR 910
Individual/Family Outcomes
NUR 912
Health Promotion Family
NUR 913
Health Promotion Adult-Geron
NUR 915
Clin Diagnosis & Mgt I- Family
NUR 920
Translation of Research
NUR 921
Scientific Foundations
NUR 923
Self/Symptom Mgt in Chron Ill
NUR 925
Clin Diag & Mgt I- Adult/Geron
NUR 930
Methods In Clinical Research
NUR 939
Improving Health Outcomes
NUR 940
Research Practicum
NUR 950
Nursing Research Seminar I
NUR 951
Nursing Research Seminar II
NUR 963
Leadership II
NUR 964
DNP Practicum I
NUR 965
DNP Practicum II
NUR 969
Adv Phys & Path for Anest II
NUR 970
Pharm for Nurse Anesthesia I
NUR 989
DNP Synthesis Project
NUR 990
Special Problems
NUR 991
Special Elective Topics
NUR 996
DNP Project II
NUR 998
App of Sci Knowl - Clin Pract
NUR 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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