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MUS 101
Freshman Seminar
MUS 112
Chamber Music
MUS 114
Marching Band
MUS 115
Spartan Brass
MUS 116
Campus Band
MUS 117
Concert Band
MUS 118
Wind Symphony
MUS 119
Symphony Band
MUS 120
Symphony Orchestra
MUS 122
Concert Orchestra
MUS 123
Campus Choir
MUS 124
Choral Union
MUS 125
Glee Club, Men and Women
MUS 126
State Singers
MUS 127
University Chorale
MUS 129
Percussion Ensemble
MUS 130
Jazz Orchestra
MUS 131
Jazz Combo
MUS 141
Class Instruction in Piano I
MUS 142
Class Instruction in Piano II
MUS 143
English Diction for Singers
MUS 144
Italian Diction for Singers
MUS 145
Class Instruction in Voice I
MUS 147
Class Instruc Elem Piano I
MUS 149
Keyboard Skills
MUS 150M
Piano for Piano Minors
MUS 150C
MUS 150A
MUS 150J
MUS 151
MUS 151N
Voice for Non-Music Majors
MUS 152B
MUS 152J
Stringed Instruments
MUS 152C
MUS 152N
Strings for Non-Music Majors
MUS 152D
Double Bass
MUS 152A
MUS 152E
MUS 153C
MUS 153N
Woodwinds for Non-Music Majors
MUS 153D
MUS 153A
MUS 153E
MUS 153B
MUS 153J
Woodwind Instruments
MUS 154D
MUS 154A
MUS 154E
MUS 154B
MUS 154J
Brass Instruments
MUS 154C
MUS 154N
Brass for Non-Music Majors
MUS 155
Percussion Instruments
MUS 155J
Percussion Instruments
MUS 155N
Percussion for Non-Music Major
MUS 160
Class Instruction in Guitar
MUS 162
Class Instruc Flute & Sax
MUS 163
Class Instruction in Clarinet
MUS 164
Class Instruc Double Reed Inst
MUS 165
Class Instruc Hgh Brass Inst
MUS 166
Class Instruc Low Brass Inst
MUS 171
Class Strings I
MUS 172
Class Strings II
MUS 173
Class Percussion I
MUS 174
Class Percussion II
MUS 175
Understanding Music
MUS 177
Principles of School Music I
MUS 178
Non Major Music Theory I
MUS 180
Fundamentals of Music
MUS 180E
Fundamentals Music Intensive
MUS 181
Musicianship I
MUS 182
Ear Train & Sight Singing I
MUS 183
Ear Train & Sight Singing II
MUS 185
Jazz Styles and Analysis I
MUS 186
Jazz Styles and Analysis II
MUS 200
Music Theory Review
MUS 201
Aural Skills Review
MUS 210
Song Writing
MUS 211
History Wstrn Music to 1750
MUS 212
History Wstrn Music Since 1750
MUS 230
Beginning Jazz Improvisation I
MUS 231
Begin Jazz Improvisation II
MUS 248
German Diction for Singers
MUS 249
French Diction for Singers
MUS 277
Principles Music Education II
MUS 280
Musicianship II
MUS 281
Musicianship III
MUS 282
Adv Ear Train & Sight Sing I
MUS 283
Adv Ear Train & Sight Sing II
MUS 284
Composition Workshop
MUS 286
Applied Music Composition I
MUS 290
Independent Study
MUS 291
Selected Topics in Music
MUS 301
Advanced Jazz Musicianship I
MUS 302
Advanced Jazz Musicianship II
MUS 303
Advanced Jazz Musicianship III
MUS 304
Advanced Jazz Musicianship IV
MUS 335
Ensemble Conducting I
MUS 336A
Ensemble Cond II
MUS 336B
Ensemble Conducting II
MUS 337
Conducting Music Perf Majors
MUS 340
Meth & Literature for Voice
MUS 341
String Pedagogy
MUS 346
Keyboard Meth & Literature I
MUS 347
Keyboard Meth & Literature II
MUS 348
Piano Accompanying
MUS 349
Piano Performance
MUS 350C
MUS 350A
MUS 350J
Applied Jazz Piano
MUS 351
MUS 352D
Double Bass
MUS 352A
MUS 352E
MUS 352B
MUS 352J
Applied Jazz Strings
MUS 352C
MUS 353B
MUS 353J
Applied Jazz Woodwinds
MUS 353C
MUS 353D
MUS 353A
MUS 353E
MUS 354D
MUS 354A
MUS 354E
MUS 354B
MUS 354J
Applied Jazz Brass
MUS 354C
MUS 355J
Applied Jazz Percussion
MUS 355
MUS 380
Musical Styles and Forms
MUS 381
20th Century Music Theory (W)
MUS 400
Jazz Arranging/Composition I
MUS 401
Jazz Arranging/Composition II
MUS 409
American Music
MUS 410
Jazz History
MUS 413
Keyboard Lit to Mid-19th Cent
MUS 414
Keyboard Lit Frm Mid-19th Cent
MUS 415
Art Song Literature
MUS 416
Art Song Lit
MUS 417
Art Song Literature
MUS 418
Opera and Oratorio Aria Repert
MUS 419
Baroque Music
MUS 420
Music of the 18th Century
MUS 421
Music of the 19th Century
MUS 422
Music of the 20th Century
MUS 423
History of Opera
MUS 424
Music, Sexuality, and Gender
MUS 425
Mus South Asia & Its Diaspora
MUS 429
Music of East Asia
MUS 430
Music of the Caribbean
MUS 434
Orchestral Musicianship
MUS 435
Opera Theatre
MUS 436
Popular Music of Black America
MUS 438
Jazz Pedagogy I
MUS 439
Jazz Pedagogy II
MUS 441
Adv Fixed Media Composition
MUS 442
Ind Projects in Computer Music
MUS 448
Adv Keyboard Meth & Lit I
MUS 455
Teaching Instrumental Music
MUS 461
Marching Band Methods
MUS 463
Methds & Matls of Elem Music
MUS 465
Music in Early Childhood
MUS 466
Internship in Music
MUS 467
Teach Genrl Music Elem School
MUS 468
Teach Choral Music
MUS 469
Teaching Sec Classroom Music
MUS 480
MUS 481
Acting for Singers
MUS 482
Opera Scene Study
MUS 483
MUS 484
Instrument & Basic Orchest
MUS 486
Applied Music Composition II
MUS 490
Independent Study
MUS 491
Special Topics in Music
MUS 495
Student Teaching in Music
MUS 496
Your Music Business
MUS 800
Adv Jazz Arr and Comp
MUS 801
Advanced Jazz Improvisation I
MUS 802
Advanced Jazz Improvisation II
MUS 810
Graduate Jazz History
MUS 830
Res Methods & Materials Music
MUS 833
Field Work in Ethnomusicology
MUS 840
Chamber Mus Lit with Piano
MUS 841
Sem Adv Collab Piano Tech
MUS 842
Vocal Coaching Techniques
MUS 843
Seminar in Piano Pedagogy
MUS 844
Sec Spec Emphasis
MUS 845
Sec Spec Emphasis
MUS 846
Sec Spec Emphasis
MUS 847
Sec Spec Emphasis
MUS 848
Sec or Spec Emphasis
MUS 849
Piano Performance
MUS 850A
MUS 850B
Collaborative Piano
MUS 850J
Jazz Piano
MUS 851
MUS 852D
Double Bass
MUS 852A
MUS 852E
MUS 852B
MUS 852J
Jazz Strings
MUS 852C
MUS 853B
MUS 853J
Jazz Woodwinds
MUS 853C
MUS 853D
MUS 853A
MUS 853E
MUS 854D
MUS 854A
MUS 854E
MUS 854B
MUS 854J
Jazz Brass
MUS 854C
MUS 855J
Jazz Percussion
MUS 855
MUS 856
Chamber Music
MUS 857
Seminar in Choral Literature
MUS 858B
Sem in Orchestral Conducting
MUS 858C
Seminar in Choral Conducting
MUS 858A
Seminar in Wind Conducting
MUS 860
Phil Consid in Music Ed
MUS 861
Sem Psychology of Music Ed
MUS 863
Sem Soc of Music Education
MUS 864
Research in Music Education
MUS 868
Topics in Music Analysis
MUS 869
Tonal Counterpoint
MUS 870
Advanced Modal Counterpoint
MUS 871
Advanced Tonal Counterpoint
MUS 872
Tonal Forms
MUS 873
Early 20th Century Techniques
MUS 874
Schenkerian Analysis
MUS 875
Analysis of Musical Scores
MUS 876
Keyboard Skills & Prac Mus
MUS 877
Scoring for Orchestra and Band
MUS 878
Adv Scoring for Orchestra/Band
MUS 879
Tonal Literature and Analysis
MUS 880
MUS 881
Seminar in Composition
MUS 883
Adv Computer Music Projects
MUS 885
Adv Jazz Styles & Analysis I
MUS 886
Adv Jazz Styles & Analysis II
MUS 890
Independent Study
MUS 891
Special Topics
MUS 892A
Seminar in Music History
MUS 896
Master's Recital Performance
MUS 897
Concert Conducting
MUS 898
Master's Research
MUS 899
Master's Thesis Research
MUS 958A
Seminar in Wind Conducting
MUS 958B
Seminar Orchestral Conducting
MUS 958C
Seminar in Choral Conducting
MUS 960
Sem Measure in Music Education
MUS 962
Adv Stud Philosophy of Mus Ed
MUS 964
College Music Teaching
MUS 965
Cond Res in Music Education
MUS 966
Qualitative Research
MUS 970
Pedagogy of Theory I
MUS 971
Pedagogy of Theory II
MUS 973
Readings in Music Theory
MUS 976
Performance and Analysis
MUS 977
Schenker Analysis II
MUS 978
Late 20th/21st-Cent Techniques
MUS 979
Proseminar in Music Theory
MUS 980
MUS 990
Doctoral Independent Study
MUS 992
Seminar in Musicology
MUS 996
Doctoral Recital Performance
MUS 997
Doctoral Concert Conducting
MUS 998
Doctoral Music Composition
MUS 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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