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MSE 200
Materials and Society
MSE 250
Matl Science and Engineering
MSE 260
Elect Mag Therm Optic Prop Mat
MSE 310
Phase Equilibria in Materials
MSE 320
Mechanical Prop of Materials
MSE 331
Mat Characterization Meth I
MSE 360
Fund Microstructural Design
MSE 370
Synthesis & Processing Matrls
MSE 381
Mat Characterization Meth II
MSE 410
Materials Foundatn Energy App
MSE 425
Biomaterial & Biocompatibility
MSE 426
Intro to Composite Materials
MSE 460
Electr Struct Bonding Matl Dev
MSE 465
Design & App Engr Materials
MSE 466
Design & Failure Analysis (W)
MSE 474
Ceramic & Refractory Materials
MSE 476
Phys Met Ferrous & Alum Alloys
MSE 477
Manufacturing Processes
MSE 481
Spectroscop Diffraction Analys
MSE 490
Independent Study
MSE 491
Selected Topics
MSE 499
Senior Res & Design Proj (W)
MSE 802
Research Methods
MSE 810
Materials for Energy Apps
MSE 851
Thermodynamics of Solids
MSE 855
Adv Rate Theory & Diffusion
MSE 860
Advanced Theory of Solids
MSE 862
Dislocation Theory
MSE 870
Electron Microscopy Matl Sci
MSE 871
Matl Surfaces & Interfaces
MSE 875
Engineering Ceramics
MSE 876
Advanced Polymeric Materials
MSE 880
Computational Materials Sci
MSE 881
Adv Spectroscopy Diff Analysis
MSE 890
Independent Study
MSE 891
Selected Topics
MSE 892
MSE 899
Master's Thesis Research
MSE 974B
High Temp Deformation & Proc
MSE 990
Independent Study
MSE 991
Selected Topics
MSE 992
MSE 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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