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MMG 141
Introductory Human Genetics
MMG 161
Cells and Molecules
MMG 171
Cell and Molecular Biology Lab
MMG 181H
Hnrs Cell Molecular Biology
MMG 191H
Honors Cell Molecular Bio Lab
MMG 201
Fundamentals of Microbiology
MMG 301
Introductory Microbiology
MMG 302
Int Lab Genl & Allied Hlth Mic
MMG 365
Medical Microbiology
MMG 365L
Medical Microbiology Lab
MMG 400
Introduction to Bioinformatics
MMG 404
Human Genetics
MMG 408
Advanced Microbiology Lab (W)
MMG 409
Eukaryotic Cell Biology
MMG 413
MMG 421
Prokaryotic Cell Physiology
MMG 425
Microbial Ecology
MMG 431
Microbial Genetics
MMG 433
Microbial Genomics
MMG 434
Genomics Lab (W)
MMG 435
MMG 440
Food Microbiology
MMG 441
Food Microbiology Laboratory
MMG 445
Microbial Biotechnology (W)
MMG 451
MMG 461
Molecular Pathogenesis
MMG 465
Adv Medical Microbiology
MMG 465L
Adv Medical Microbiology Lab
MMG 490
Spec Problems in Microbiology
MMG 491
Curr Topics Microb & Mol Genet
MMG 492
Undergraduate Research Seminar
MMG 499
Undergraduate Research
MMG 499H
Honors Research
MMG 531
Medical Immunology
MMG 532
Medical Microbiology
MMG 539
Prin Cell Bio Pathophysiology
MMG 563
Vet Pathogenic Microbiology
MMG 565
Vet Path Micro Viruses
MMG 571
Vet Path Micro Parasites
MMG 660
Vet Clinical Bacter Clerkship
MMG 690
Veterinary Microbiology Clkshp
MMG 801
Integrative Microbial Biology
MMG 803
Topics Integ Microbial Biology
MMG 810
Theories & Practices in Bioi
MMG 825
Cell Structure and Function
MMG 833
Microbial Genetics
MMG 835
Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics
MMG 845
Multi-disc Res Meth Study Evol
MMG 851
MMG 861
Adv Microbial Pathogenesis
MMG 890
Spec Prob Microbiology
MMG 892
MMG 899
Master's Thesis Research
MMG 991
Topics in Microbiology
MMG 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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