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MKT 250
Business Communication
MKT 300
Managerial Marketing
MKT 302
Consumer Behavior
MKT 310
International Business
MKT 313
Consultative Selling
MKT 317
Market Analytics
MKT 319
Customer and Market Insights
MKT 327
Introduction to Marketing
MKT 351
Retail Management
MKT 355
Entrepreneurial Marketing
MKT 360
Advanced Sales Communication
MKT 380
MKT 383
Sales Management
MKT 393
Intro International Business
MKT 410
Product Innovation/Management
MKT 412
Digital Marketing
MKT 415
International Marketing
MKT 420
New Product Design & Develop
MKT 430
Key Account & Customer Rel Mgt
MKT 439
Strat Mgt for Food & Ag Bus(W)
MKT 460
Marketing Strategy (W)
MKT 480
Entrepreneurship Capstone Exp
MKT 490H
Honors Independent Study
MKT 490
Independent Study
MKT 491
Topics in Marketing
MKT 805
Marketing Management
MKT 806
Marketing Rsrch Decision Makng
MKT 807
Consumer Insights
MKT 809
Pricing Profitability & Market
MKT 810
Open Innovation Management
MKT 811
Brand Insights
MKT 816
Marketing Analysis
MKT 817
Business Development&Sales Mgt
MKT 819
Advanced Marketing Research
MKT 820
New Product Dev&Portfolio Mgt
MKT 821
Brand Strategy
MKT 829
Digital Marketing
MKT 830
Seminar in Social Marketing
MKT 839
Exp Learning Digital Marketing
MKT 843
International Marketing Rsrch
MKT 856
Consulting Practicum Marketing
MKT 860
Assess Global Business Environ
MKT 861
Mkt Research Strat Analysis
MKT 862
Global Marketing
MKT 864
Data Mining in Marketing
MKT 865
Emerging Topics in Business
MKT 867
Sampling and Research Design
MKT 890
Independent Study
MKT 891
Special Topics in Marketing
MKT 902
Pro-seminar in Marketing
MKT 905
Research Design in Marketing
MKT 907
Statistical Models in Mkting
MKT 910
Marketing Theory and Critical
MKT 911
Marketing Strategy
MKT 990
Independent Study
MKT 995
Directed Research Paper
MKT 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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