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MI 101
Understanding Media & Info
MI 201
Media and Info Tech
MI 211
Documentary History and Theory
MI 220
Methods for Understanding User
MI 227
Concept Design
MI 230
Game Design
MI 231
Game and Interactive Media Dev
MI 239
Digital Footprints
MI 241
Filmmaking I
MI 247
3D Graphics and Design
MI 250
Intro Applied Programming
MI 291
Special Topics
MI 301
Bringing Media to Market
MI 302
Networks, Markets and Society
MI 305
Media and Information Policy
MI 311
Intro to Doc Production
MI 320
Reasoning with Data
MI 327
Advanced Concept Design
MI 333
Advanced Game Development
MI 335
Film Directing
MI 337
Compositing & Spec Effects
MI 341
Filmmaking II
MI 342
Multi-Camera Production
MI 343
Audio Production
MI 344
Sound Design
MI 347
Adv 3D Computer Animation
MI 349
Web Design and Development
MI 350
Evaluating HCT
MI 351
Producing for Cinema and TV
MI 355
Media and Information Research
MI 360
Media & Information Management
MI 361
Network Management & Security
MI 377
Advanced 3D Modeling
MI 401
Media, Information and Society
MI 411
Documentary Design/Production
MI 419
Projection Design
MI 420
Interactive Prototyping
MI 431
Advanced Game Development
MI 435A
Creating the Fiction Film I
MI 435B
Creating the Fict Film (W)
MI 440
Advanced Video Editing
MI 441
Adv Lighting and Camera
MI 442
Cinema and TV Projects (W)
MI 443
Audio Industry Design &Mgt (W)
MI 444
Information Technology Project
MI 445
Game Design & Development I
MI 447
Graphics Portfolio (W)
MI 449
Adv Web Dev and Databases
MI 450
Human-Centered Technology (W)
MI 452
Media Entrepreneurship
MI 455
Game Design & Development II
MI 462
Social Media & Computing
MI 472
Digital Business
MI 480
ICT and Development
MI 482
Building Virtual Worlds
MI 484
Innovative Interfaces
MI 488
ICT Development Project (W)
MI 490
Independent Study
MI 491
Special Topics
MI 493
MI 497
Game Design Studio
MI 498
Collaborative Game Design (W)
MI 803
Intro Quantitative Research
MI 820
Theories Media and Information
MI 830
Foundations of Serious Games
MI 831
Theories Interaction Design
MI 839
Game and Film Design Studio I
MI 841
Understanding Users
MI 842
Design & Devel Media Projects
MI 844
Interaction Design
MI 845
Usability and Accessibility
MI 846
Game and Film Design Studio II
MI 850
Media and Information Policy
MI 851
Understanding Social Media
MI 852
Media and Info Economics
MI 861
Media ITs in Organizations
MI 862
Managing Digital Enterprises
MI 875
ICT Development
MI 877
Global Media and Comm
MI 890
Independent Study
MI 891
Spec Topics in Media Info
MI 893
Media and Information Intern
MI 898
Master Project
MI 899
Master's Thesis Research
MI 900
Media & Info Theory Building
MI 912
IT Transactional Perspectives
MI 916
Qualitative Research Methods
MI 921
Media Theory
MI 960
Media and Technology
MI 975
Intro Methods
MI 985
Analysis for Media
MI 992
Doctoral Seminar
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