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ME 201
ME 221
ME 222
Mechanics of Deformable Solids
ME 280
Graphic Communications
ME 285
CAD Tools
ME 300
Professional Issues in ME
ME 332
Fluid Mechanics
ME 361
ME 370
Mechan Design & Manufact I
ME 371
Mechanical Design I
ME 372
Machine Tool Laboratory
ME 385
Computer Aided Design Tools
ME 391
Mechan Engineering Analysis
ME 399
Spec Top in Mech Engineering
ME 410
Heat Transfer
ME 412
Heat Transfer Laboratory
ME 413
Cryogenic-Thermal Systems
ME 414
Mechanical Design of Cryogenic
ME 416
Comp Assist Des Thermal System
ME 417
Design of Alt Energy Systems
ME 422
Introduction to Combustion
ME 423
Interm Mechan Deformable Solid
ME 425
Experimental Mechanics
ME 426
Intro to Composite Materials
ME 433
Intro Comp Fluid Dynamics
ME 440
Aerospace Propulsion
ME 441
Aerodynamics & Aircraft Perf
ME 442
ME 444
Automotive Engines
ME 445
Automotive Powertrain Design
ME 451
Control Systems
ME 461
Mechanical Vibrations
ME 464
Intermediate Dynamics
ME 465
Computer Aided Optimal Design
ME 470
Mech Design & Manufacturing II
ME 471
Mechanical Design II
ME 475
Comp Aided Design Structure
ME 477
Manufacturing Processes
ME 478
Product Development
ME 481
Mechan Engin Design Projects
ME 490
Ind Study Mechan Engineering
ME 491
Sel Top in Mechan Engineering
ME 494
Biofluid Mech & Heat Transfer
ME 495
Tissue Mechanics
ME 497
Biomechanical Design
ME 800
Engineering Analysis
ME 810
Adv Classical Thermodynamics
ME 811
Micro-Scale Transfer
ME 812
Conductive Heat Transfer
ME 814
Convective Heat Transfer
ME 819
ME 820
Continuum Mechanics
ME 821
Linear Elasticity
ME 824
ME 825
Experimental Mechanics
ME 826
Laminated Composite Materials
ME 830
Fluid Mechanics I
ME 832
Fluid Mechanics II
ME 834
Fundamentals of Turbulence
ME 835
Turbulence Model & Simulation
ME 836
Exper Meth in Fluid Mechanics
ME 840
Comp Fluid Dyn & Heat Transfer
ME 842
Advanced Turbomachinery
ME 851
Linear Systems and Control
ME 853
Optimal Control
ME 854
Robust Control
ME 856
Adaptive Control
ME 859
Nonlinear Systems and Control
ME 860
Theory of Vibrations
ME 861
Advanced Dynamics
ME 863
Nonlinear Vibrations
ME 872
Finite Element Method
ME 874
Analysis of Manufact Processes
ME 875
Optimal Des Mechanical Systems
ME 881
Cardiovascular Mechanics
ME 891
Sel Top in Mechan Engineering
ME 892
Mechanical Engineering Seminar
ME 898
Master's Project Research
ME 899
Master's Thesis Research
ME 921
Nonlinear Elasticity
ME 922
Thermoelast & Viscoelasticity
ME 940
Sel Topics in Thermal Science
ME 960
Selected Topics in Vibrations
ME 961
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
ME 990
Indp Stdy in Mech Engineering
ME 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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