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LIN 200
Introduction to Language
LIN 225
Language and Gender
LIN 291
Special Topics in Linguistics
LIN 401
Introduction to Linguistics
LIN 424
Intro to Phonetics and Phonol
LIN 427
Laboratory Phonetics
LIN 431
Introduction to Morphology
LIN 434
Introduction to Syntax
LIN 437
Semantics and Pragmatics
LIN 450
Child Language Acquisition
LIN 455
LIN 463
Intro to Cognitive Science
LIN 471
LIN 484
Data Analysis for Linguists
LIN 490
Independent Study
LIN 491
Special Topics
LIN 499
Senior Thesis Research (W)
LIN 824
Phonological Theory I
LIN 825
Phonological Theory II
LIN 834
Syntactic Theory I
LIN 835
Syntactic Theory II
LIN 837
Adv Stdy Semantics & Pragmatic
LIN 850
Adv Studies Child Lang Acq
LIN 855
Adv Studies Neurolinguistics
LIN 871
Adv Studies Sociolinguistics
LIN 881
Structure of a Non-Europ Lang
LIN 890
Independent Study
LIN 892
Seminar in Linguistics
LIN 898
Master's Research
LIN 899
Master's Thesis Research
LIN 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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