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LCS 423
Fish and Wildlife Disease
LCS 423L
Fish and Wildlife Disease Lab
LCS 463
Wildlife Disease Ecology
LCS 560
Clinical Competencies II
LCS 562
Care & Mngmt of Neonatal Foal
LCS 563
Bovine Pregnancy Diagnosis
LCS 564
Nutri Mgt of Dairy Cow Health
LCS 565
Equine Sports Medicine
LCS 566
Current Topics in Food Systems
LCS 568
Bio Risk Mgt Beef/Dairy Farms
LCS 569
Equine Rehabilitation &Therapy
LCS 590
Selective in LCS
LCS 610
Clin Prob Large Anml Clin Sci
LCS 611
Res Prob Large Animal Clin Sci
LCS 613
Special Prob Lg Animal Cl Sci
LCS 614
Equine Clinical Proficiency
LCS 615
Equine Emergency Clerkship
LCS 616
Large Animal Medicine and Surg
LCS 621
Practice Based Ambulatory Clrk
LCS 622
Adv Equine Clinical Clerkship
LCS 623
Equine Musculoskel Dis Clkshp
LCS 624
Equine Theriogenology Clkshp
LCS 625
Equine Herd Health Clerkship
LCS 626
Adv Equine Surgery Clkshp
LCS 627
Adv Equine Medicine Clkshp
LCS 628
Tech Equine Anesthesia/Surgery
LCS 632
Adv Food Anml Med & Sur Clkshp
LCS 640
Large Animal Anesthesia Clkshp
LCS 641
Food Animal Theriogenology
LCS 647
Concepts of Agric Practice
LCS 660
Wildlife Disease Ecology
LCS 677
Veterinary Preceptorship
LCS 678
Govern & Corporate Vet Pract
LCS 679
FA Production Medicine I
LCS 682
FA Production Medicine II
LCS 685
Ruminant Health Prob Solving
LCS 690
Vet Public Health Field Exp
LCS 691
Vet Public Health Research
LCS 809
Spec Prob Lrge Animal Surgery
LCS 811
Spec Prob Lrge Animal Medicine
LCS 813
LCS 821
Conservation Medicine
LCS 829
Des Epidem Stdy & Clin Trials
LCS 840
Adv Equine Inter Med Topics I
LCS 841
Adv Equine Inter Med Topics II
LCS 863
Wildlife Disease Ecology
LCS 899
Master's Thesis Research
LCS 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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