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LB 106
Prep for Science & Engineering
LB 117
Functions and Trigonometry
LB 118
Calculus I
LB 119
Calculus II
LB 133
Intro to HPS of Science
LB 144
Biology I
LB 145
Biology II Cell & Molec Bio
LB 155
Intro Quant Science & Research
LB 171L
Chemistry I - Laboratory
LB 171
Chemistry I
LB 172
Chemistry II
LB 172L
Chemistry II - Laboratory
LB 181H
Hnrs Cell Molecular Biology
LB 181
Intro Sci Tech Environ Policy
LB 182H
Honors Organismal Biology
LB 191H
Honors Cell Molecular Bio Lab
LB 192H
Honors Organismal Biology Lab
LB 220
Calculus III
LB 240
LB 273
Physics I
LB 274
Physics II
LB 290D
Directed Study--Mathematics
LB 290A
Dir Study Multidisciplinary
LB 290E
Dir Study HPS of Science
LB 290B
Directed Study--Biology
LB 290F
Directed Study--Computing
LB 290C
Dir Study Chemistry/Physics
LB 304
LGBTQ Studies
LB 321A
Sci & Public-Arts & Hum (W)
LB 321B
Sci & Public-Soc Sci (W)
LB 322A
Adv Sci & Tech-Arts & Hum (W)
LB 322B
Adv Sci Tech-Soc Sci (W)
LB 323B
Sci Glob Cont-Soc Sci (W)
LB 323A
Sci Glob Cont-Arts & Hum (W)
LB 324B
Sci Sex Gender-Soc Sci (W)
LB 324A
Sci Sex Gender-Arts & Hum (W)
LB 325B
Science Environ-Soc Sci (W)
LB 325A
Sci Environ-Arts & Hum (W)
LB 326A
Medicine & Hlth-Arts & Hum (W)
LB 326B
Medicine & Hlth-Soc Sci (W)
LB 327B
Scientific Prac-Soc Sci (W)
LB 327A
Scientific Prac-Arts & Hum (W)
LB 348
Research in Biology
LB 368
Science, Technology & Society
LB 440
Bioethics Capstone
LB 459
STEPPS Capstone
LB 473A
Literature and Medicine
LB 490A
Adv Dir Study Multidiscipline
LB 490B
Adv Dir Study Biology
LB 490E
Adv Study HPS of Science (W)
LB 492
Senior Seminar (W)
LB 493
Field Experience
LB 494
Undergraduate Research
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