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LAW 500P
LAW 500Q
Professional Responsibility
LAW 500F
Criminal Law
LAW 500M
Business Enterprises
LAW 500R
Torts I
LAW 500G
LAW 500N
Constitutional Law II
LAW 501E
Secured Transactions
LAW 501F
Sales and Leases
LAW 501J
Secured Trans and Practice
LAW 501K
Basic Income Taxation
LAW 501D
Trusts and Estates
LAW 501N
Sales and Secured Transactions
LAW 502
Accounting for Lawyers
LAW 505A
Commercial Arbitration
LAW 506A
LAW 508F
Corp Governance & Compliance
LAW 508B
Corporate Finance
LAW 508N
Corporate Law & Finance Sem
LAW 508C
Corporate Income Tax
LAW 509A
AM Lawyers-Microeconomics
LAW 511E
Labor and Employment Law
LAW 511C
Employment Law
LAW 512B
International Business Trans
LAW 512E
International Trade Regulation
LAW 514
Insurance Law
LAW 515
Law and Economics
LAW 516
Mergers and Acquisitions
LAW 519
Partnership Tax
LAW 522
Products Liability
LAW 524B
Securities Regulation I
LAW 525
Torts II
LAW 530D
Research, Writing & Analysis
LAW 530Q
LAW 530U
1L Adv Topics & Skills
LAW 530F
Contract Negotiation
LAW 530E
Res, Wrtg & Analysis
LAW 530J
LAW 530P
Effective Legal Analysis & Pro
LAW 530A
Civil Procedure
LAW 530K
Foundations of Law
LAW 530S
Con Law and the Reg State
LAW 530B
LAW 530N
LAW 530T
Advanced Civil Procedure
LAW 532
Administrative Law
LAW 533B
Copyright Law
LAW 533E
International Intellectual Pro
LAW 533J
Patent Application Preparation
LAW 533R
Patent Litigation
LAW 533F
Licensing Intellectual Prop
LAW 533G
Media Law
LAW 533K
Patent Law
LAW 533N
Trademark Law & Unfair Comp
LAW 535E
Capstone IP & Comm Law Sem
LAW 535D
Intellectual Property Survey
LAW 535F
IP Practicum
LAW 537V
Blockchain Tech, Law, & Policy
LAW 537T
Technology Transactions Skills
LAW 537J
Lwy Ethc & Reg Tech Drivn Wrld
LAW 537D
LAW 537U
Evolutionary Analysis and Law
LAW 537R
Artificial Intelligence & Law
LAW 537M
LAW 537E
Entrepreneurial Lawyering
LAW 537S
Automated Vehicles and the Law
LAW 537Q
Delivering Legal Services
LAW 540A
Basic Will Drafting
LAW 540D
Estate & Gift Taxation
LAW 541J
Integrative Law & Social Work
LAW 541F
Fam Law
LAW 541M
Matrimonial Practice
LAW 541K
Juvenile Law
LAW 541E
Family Law
LAW 541S
Sem in Race Law & Amer Culture
LAW 541T
Immigration Conseq Crim Act
LAW 541V
Persp on US Immigration Law
LAW 541G
Immigration Law
LAW 541U
Refugee and Asylum Law Seminar
LAW 541B
Domestic Violence
LAW 541W
Racial Justice
LAW 545F
Introduction to Islamic Law
LAW 545K
Halal Fd
LAW 545P
International Tax and Treaties
LAW 548N
Public International Law
LAW 548C
European Union Law
LAW 548E
International Environment Law
LAW 548F
International Human Rights
LAW 548G
International Sale of Goods
LAW 549C
Special Topics in Comp Law
LAW 549F
Comparative Free Expression
LAW 551D
Gov't Relations & Lobbying Law
LAW 558C
Health Care Law
LAW 558Y
Scientific Research Regulation
LAW 558S
Biotechnology Law Seminar
LAW 558J
Health Care Fraud & Abuse
LAW 558B
Food & Drug Law
LAW 565A
Animal Law
LAW 565C
Lgl Iss Energy Dev & Wildlife
LAW 565B
Wildlife Law
LAW 566A
Environmental Law
LAW 566Q
Regulating Environmental Risk
LAW 566B
Land Use Planning
LAW 566T
Marijuana Law
LAW 566C
Natural Resource Law
LAW 566N
Agricultural Law
LAW 572D
Tax Policy Seminar
LAW 579G
Federal Jurisdiction
LAW 579U
Topics in Constitutional Law
LAW 579J
LAW 579X
Constitutional Litigation
LAW 579F
LAW 579P
LAW 579Y
Capital Punishment
LAW 579K
Law & Religion
LAW 579C
Constitutional Law Seminar
LAW 579R
Law & Interpretation
LAW 586
Advanced Legal Research
LAW 587E
Mediation Adv & Civ Fac Med Tr
LAW 587F
Med Adv & Dom Rel Med Trn
LAW 591C
LAW 591A
Client Counseling & Interview
LAW 592
Law Practice Management
LAW 593G
Consumer Law
LAW 593A
Michigan Civil Procedure
LAW 593C
LAW 593D
LAW 594A
Contract Drafting
LAW 595
No-Fault Insurance Law
LAW 600C
Mich Stat Pers Inj Prac
LAW 600J
Legal Analysis and Writing
LAW 601
Construction Law
LAW 603B
Housing Law & Public Interest
LAW 605A
Hospitality Law
LAW 609
Sports Law
LAW 610
Workers Compensation
LAW 616B
Crim Procedure
LAW 616C
Crim Procedure
LAW 617A
Crim Trial Adv I - Pretrial
LAW 617C
Crim Tri Adv III Pst-Con Rem
LAW 623J
LAW 623G
Tech Enhanced Trial Advocacy
LAW 623F
LAW 623B
LAW 623C
TPI - Pretrial II
LAW 623D
LAW 623E
LAW 623A
LAW 624
Directed Study
LAW 625C
Law Externship
LAW 625D
Law Externship Seminar
LAW 625A
Law Externship
LAW 625B
Law Externship
LAW 626C
King Scholar Jurisprudence
LAW 626D
King Scholar Seminar
LAW 627R
Trial Competition
LAW 627A
Moot Court Competition
LAW 627N
Negotiation Competition
LAW 627P
Arbitration Competition
LAW 627Q
Appellate Competition
LAW 628
Law Review
LAW 629A
International Law Review
LAW 629C
Jrnl Animal & Natural Res Law
LAW 629D
Jrnl of Bus and Securities Law
LAW 630R
Immigration Law Clinic I
LAW 630W
Housing Law Clinic II
LAW 630S
Immigration Law Clinic II
LAW 630X
Civil Rights Clinic I
LAW 630C
Tax Clinic I
LAW 630T
Grt Lakes 1st Amend Law Clin I
LAW 630Z
Civil Rights Clinic II
LAW 630D
Tax Clinic II
LAW 630V
Housing Law Clinic I
LAW 631J
Indian Law Clinic I
LAW 631S
Animal Welfare Clinic II
LAW 631R
Animal Welfare Clinic I
LAW 631T
Intellectual Property Clinic I
LAW 631G
Chance at Childhood Clinic II
LAW 631F
Chance at Childhood Clinic I
LAW 631K
Indian Law Clinic II
LAW 635D
Am Indian Children & the Law
LAW 635G
Global Persp Indigenous People
LAW 635E
Tribal Law
LAW 635B
Federal Law & Indian Tribes
LAW 636
American Legal History Seminar
LAW 807A
Foundations of Law & Legal Res
LAW 810E
Animal Hlth, Wrld Trd &Fd Sfty
LAW 810W
FSMA Preventive Controls Rule
LAW 810T
Advertising Law - Food Focus
LAW 810U
Reg Leadership in Food Law
LAW 810A
Food Regulation in the US
LAW 810K
Admin Law
LAW 810Y
Wine, Beer, & Spirits Laws
LAW 810B
Food Regulation in the EU
LAW 810M
Reg of Ag Prod & Marketing
LAW 810C
Food Regulation in Canada
LAW 810D
Intl Food Laws and Regulations
LAW 810N
Survey Intel Property in Agric
LAW 810F
Codex Alimentarius
LAW 810X
FSMA Produce Safety Rule
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