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JRN 108
The World of Media
JRN 200
Writing and Reporting News
JRN 203
Visual Storytelling
JRN 206
Video Storytelling w/ Phones
JRN 211
Documentary History and Theory
JRN 212
2D Animation Storytelling
JRN 218
Sports Media I
JRN 265
Int Journalism & Media
JRN 300
Multimedia Writ & Report (W)
JRN 303
Announce, Interview, Hosting
JRN 305
Editing for Print and Digital
JRN 306
Radio, Podcasting & TV News
JRN 310
JRN 311
Intro to Doc Production
JRN 317
Sports Journalism
JRN 325
Journalism History
JRN 336
Designing for Media
JRN 338
Information Graphics
JRN 345
Images and Messages
JRN 365
Internatl News & Govt Dynamics
JRN 372
Envir Sci & Health Jrn Topics
JRN 400
Spartan Digital Newsroom
JRN 402
Public Relations Topics in JRN
JRN 403
TV News
JRN 405
Editing for Print and Digital
JRN 406
Advanced TV News & Producing
JRN 407
Advanced Reporting
JRN 410
Advanced Photojournalism
JRN 411
Documentary Design/Production
JRN 416
Sports Multimedia Management
JRN 417
Sports Reporting II
JRN 418
Sports Reporting III
JRN 420
Capital News Service
JRN 430
News Media Law & Ethics
JRN 432
Magazine, Feature, Freelance
JRN 436
Design for Web & Mobile Device
JRN 438
Information Graphics II
JRN 445
Images and Messages
JRN 450
Media Innovation & Entrepren
JRN 465
International Reporting
JRN 472
Lab Environmental Reporting
JRN 473
Environmental Journalism Sem
JRN 475
International News/Governments
JRN 490
Independent Study
JRN 492
Journalism Special Topics
JRN 493
JRN Prof Field Experience
JRN 800
Multiple Media Reporting I
JRN 801
Multiple Media Reporting II
JRN 803
Intro Quantitative Research
JRN 810
Visual Journalism
JRN 815
Media, Society and Theory
JRN 816
Applied Res Meth in Journalism
JRN 820
Capital News Service
JRN 821
Soc Media News & Information
JRN 872
Environ Sci & Hlth Reporting
JRN 873
Enviro Sci & Hlth JRN Seminars
JRN 890
Independent Study
JRN 892
Journalism Special Topics
JRN 896
Journalism Prof Project
JRN 899
Master's Thesis Research
JRN 900
Media & Info Theory Building
JRN 916
Qualitative Research Methods
JRN 921
Media Theory
JRN 960
Media and Technology
JRN 975
Intro Methods
JRN 985
Analysis for Media
JRN 992
Doctoral Seminar
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