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IDES 140
Design for Living
IDES 142
Design Theory Studio
IDES 150
Interior Design Drafting
IDES 152
Interior Environments
IDES 240
Comp-Aided Design for Designer
IDES 250
CAD and Structural Systems
IDES 252
Interior Design Synthesis I
IDES 340
Int Des Spec & Workroom Pract
IDES 342
Interior Design Human Dimen
IDES 343
Inter Design Presentat & Media
IDES 344
Hist Int Des Ancient - Rococo
IDES 350
Int Des Light & Environ Sys
IDES 352
Interior Design Synthesis II
IDES 354
Hist Int Des Neo-Class - Mod
IDES 393
Intro to Prof Practice
IDES 440
Contemporary Design Issues
IDES 441
Interior Des Open Office Sys
IDES 442
Interior Design Programming
IDES 451
ID Professional Practice
IDES 452
Interior Design Synthesis III
IDES 454
Revit for Designers
IDES 456
Historic Preservation & Sust
IDES 490
Independent Study
IDES 816
Environmental Design Theory
IDES 890
Supv Ind Sty Int Des & Hum Env
IDES 891
Top Int Design & Human Environ
IDES 892
Res Fund Environmental Design
IDES 898
Master's Project
IDES 899
Master's Thesis Research
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