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HST 110
Hist Appro to Contemp Issues
HST 140
World History to 1500
HST 150
World History since 1500
HST 160
Intro to Asian Hist & Culture
HST 201H
Historical Methods and Skills
HST 201
Historical Methods and Skills
HST 202
U.S. History to 1876
HST 203
U.S. History Since 1876
HST 205
Ancient and Medieval History
HST 206
European History since 1500
HST 208
African History, Culture, Soc
HST 210
Modern East Asia
HST 212
National Latin America
HST 213
U.S. Business & Econ History
HST 220
History of Food and Alcohol
HST 225
Law, History and Society
HST 250
History of the Digital Age
HST 251
Doing Digital History
HST 255
Amer Cinema & Amer Century
HST 293
Witches, Demons & the Occult
HST 294
History of Catholicism
HST 295
The Nazis
HST 301
Indigenous-European Encounters
HST 302
Revolutionary America
HST 303
The Young American Republic
HST 304
The Civil War Era
HST 305
The Making of the Modern U.S.
HST 306
Modern United States
HST 309
American Indian History
HST 310
African Amer History to 1876
HST 311
African Amer Hist since 1876
HST 312
African American Women
HST 313
Women in the U.S. to 1869
HST 314
Women in the U.S. since 1869
HST 317
American Jewish History
HST 319
Asian American History
HST 320
History of Michigan
HST 324
History of Sport in America
HST 325
U.S. Foreign Relat to 1914
HST 326
U.S. Foreign Relat since 1914
HST 327
Hist Mexican Americans in U.S.
HST 328
Modern U.S. Military History
HST 329
College Sports History
HST 330
Ancient Greek History
HST 331
Anct Roman Hist 200 BCE-500 CE
HST 332
Medieval Europe
HST 334A
Renaissance and Reformation
HST 335
Europe Age of Rev 1700-1870
HST 336
Europe from Bismarck to Brexit
HST 340
England & Its Culture to 1688
HST 344
Russia in the 20th Century
HST 355
Spain and the Muslim World
HST 364
South Africa
HST 365
The Vietnam War
HST 367
Imperial China
HST 368
China since 1900
HST 369
Japan to 1800
HST 370
Modern Japan
HST 372
Middle East
HST 373
Modern Middle East
HST 382
Modern Brazil
HST 383
The Caribbean
HST 387
The First World War
HST 390
Hst of International Relations
HST 392
History of the Holocaust
HST 396
City and its Discontents
HST 411
European Jewish History
HST 414
World War II
HST 420
Hist Sexual since 18th Cen
HST 451
Special Topics in Asian Hst
HST 452
Special Topics in European Hst
HST 453
Special Topics in Lat Amer Hst
HST 454
Special Topics in Amer Hst
HST 455
Special Topics in Modern Hist
HST 475
History of the Book
HST 480
Seminar American History (W)
HST 481
Seminar in Ancient History (W)
HST 482
Seminar Medieval History (W)
HST 483
Sem Modern European Hist (W)
HST 484
Seminar in African History (W)
HST 485
Seminar in Asian History (W)
HST 486
Sem in Latin American Hist (W)
HST 487
Sem in Comparative History (W)
HST 489
Sem in Digital History (W)
HST 490
Independent Study
HST 493
History Internship
HST 495
History Harvest
HST 499H
Senior Honors Thesis
HST 800
Historiography U.S. to 1865
HST 801
Historiography U.S. Since 1865
HST 803
Sem Meth of Historical Resrch
HST 805
Historical Roots of Epidem
HST 807
U.S. Readings Seminar
HST 808
U.S. Research Seminar
HST 810
Anthropology and History
HST 812
History in the Digital Age
HST 814
Historiog and Social Theory
HST 816
Historiog Europe since 1870
HST 823
Sem Modern European History
HST 830
Seminar in African History
HST 831
Sem Latin Amer History
HST 832
Seminar in Japanese History
HST 833
Seminar in Chinese History
HST 850
Seminar in Comparative History
HST 860
Seminar in Women's History
HST 880
Sem Comparative Black History
HST 886
Fundamentals of Museum Studies
HST 890
Independent Study
HST 898
Master's Research
HST 899
Master's Thesis Research
HST 990
Independent Study
HST 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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