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HRLR 201
Human Capital and Society
HRLR 211
Intro to Org Leadership
HRLR 311
Applied Org Leadership
HRLR 313
Employment Relations
HRLR 314
Legal Environment of Work
HRLR 315
Research Methods and Analysis
HRLR 316
Economics of Human Capital
HRLR 401
Income Inequality
HRLR 410
Voice and Democracy at Work
HRLR 414
Legal Standards in Global Work
HRLR 420
Comparative Human Capital Syst
HRLR 465
Capstone Human Cap & Society
HRLR 809
Economics of HR
HRLR 813
OB for HR & LR
HRLR 816
Organizational Devel & Change
HRLR 818
HRLR 819
Negotiation & Cnflct Resolut
HRLR 820
HR Practices & Decisions
HRLR 822
Training and Development
HRLR 825
HRLR 832
Quant Methods for HR Analyses
HRLR 854
Comparative Employment Rel
HRLR 855
International Human Resources
HRLR 858
Collective Bargaining
HRLR 863
Labor Law
HRLR 868
Employment Law
HRLR 871
Human Res & Firm Performance
HRLR 872
Business & HR Strategy
HRLR 890
Ind Study in HR/LR
HRLR 891
Spec Top Human Res & Labor Rel
HRLR 899
Master's Thesis Research
HRLR 990
Ind Study in HR/LR for PhD
Theoretical Persp in Lab & Emp
Theoretical Pers in HR Mngmt
Res Persp in Labor & Empl Rel
Res Perspectives in HR Mgt
HRLR 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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