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HNF 150
Intro To Human Nutrition
HNF 220
History of Food and Alcohol
HNF 250
Contemp Issues Human Nutrition
HNF 250L
Nutrition Prof Development
HNF 300
Experiment Approaches to Foods
HNF 310
Nutrition in Medicine
HNF 320
Prof Prac of Dietetics & Nutr
HNF 350
Adv Hum Nutrition & Metabolism
HNF 377
Applied Community Nutrition
HNF 385
Public Health Nutrition
HNF 400
Art & Science of Food Prep
HNF 406
Global Foods and Culture
HNF 415
Global Nutrition
HNF 440
Foodservice Operations
HNF 444
Business of Nutrition Services
HNF 445
Foodservice Mgt Practicum
HNF 450
Nut Prev Treatment of Disease
HNF 453
Nutrition & Human Development
HNF 457
Sports and Cardiovascular Nutr
HNF 471
Medical Nutrition Therapy I
HNF 472
Medical Nutrition Therapy II
HNF 485
Adv Public Health Nutrition
HNF 490H
Honors Independent Study
HNF 490
Independent Study
HNF 491
Topics in Human Nutrition
HNF 494
HNF 820
Advanced Biochemical Nutrition
HNF 821
Advanced Vitamins and Minerals
HNF 823
Research Methods Hum Nutrition
HNF 824
Nutrition Policies & Programs
HNF 826
Obesity and Chronic Disease
HNF 832
Advanced Clinical Nutrition
HNF 840
Human Nutr & Chronic Diseases
HNF 890
Supervised Individual Study
HNF 891
Topics in Human Nutrition
HNF 892
Nutrition Seminar
HNF 894
Human Nutrition Practicum
HNF 898
Master's Project
HNF 899
Master's Thesis Research
HNF 936
Protein Nutrition & Metabolism
HNF 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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