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HM 101
Introduction to Public Health
HM 501
Preceptorship Training
HM 515
Cardiovascular Domain
HM 525
Pulmonary Domain
HM 526
Urinary Tract Domain
HM 527
Digestive Domain
HM 528
Met & Endo & Reprod Domain
HM 535
Clinical Skills V
HM 547
Soc Con Clin Decisions II
HM 548
Medical Humanities Seminar
HM 552
Medical School I
HM 553
Medical School II
HM 555
Medical School IV
HM 556
Medical School V
HM 572
Integrative Clin Correl II
HM 590
Special Topics in Medicine
HM 591
Spec Prob in Human Medicine
HM 608
Sub-Specialty Clerkships
HM 609
Laboratory Medicine Clerkship
HM 610
Pathology Clerkship
HM 611
Hospice Clerkship
HM 612
Pain Medicine
HM 613
Complementary Medicine Clrkshp
HM 614
Student-Designed Clerkship
HM 622
Pract App PH-Project Planning
HM 623
Pract App PH-Project Implemnt
HM 629
Med for Undrsrvd/Vlnble
HM 631
Adv Med for Undrsrvd/Vlnble
HM 632
Rural Community Health
HM 633
Adv Rural Community Health
HM 635
Core Competencies I
HM 636
Core Competencies II
HM 637
Core Competencies III
HM 639
HM 640
Service Learning in Community
HM 641
Clinical Skills Competence
HM 651
Adv Skills & Knowl Med Schl I
HM 652
Adv Skills & Knowl Med Schl II
HM 654
Adv Skills & Knowl Med Schl IV
HM 691
Research Clerkship
HM 801
Introduction to Public Health
HM 802
Biostatistics Public Health
HM 803
Epidemiology and Public Health
HM 804
Public Health Policy & Admin
HM 805
Social & Behav Asp Public Hlth
HM 806
Environ Factors of Health
HM 807
Prac App Critical Think in PH
HM 823
Med Partners Pub Hlth
HM 827
Principles of PH Leadership
HM 828
Community Engagement PH Pract
HM 831
Comm Disease Public Health
HM 832
Global Public Health
HM 833
Intro Pharm Counterfeit & PH
HM 835
Ind Study Public Health
HM 836
Comparative Healthcare Systems
HM 837
Poverty and Public Health
HM 838
Cultural Aspect of PH Practice
HM 840
Public Health Finance
HM 842
Intro Public Hlth Informatics
HM 852
Outbreak Investigations in PH
HM 853
Pub Hlth Prog Eval
HM 854
Health Equity in Public Health
HM 861
Intro Public Health Nutrition
HM 863
Parasitic Diseases & Pub Hlth
HM 871
Vaccine Preventable Diseases
HM 873
Maternal & Child Health
HM 877
PH Nutrition & Life Stages
HM 878
Applied Biostatistics for PH
HM 880
Study Des & Res Meth-PH Prac
HM 882
Public Health Nutrition
HM 889
Epidemiologic Methods for PH
HM 890
Independent Study Bioethics
HM 891
Intro Public Health Practicum
HM 892
PH Applied Practice Experience
HM 893
PH Integrativ Learn Experience
HM 894
Practicum in Bioethics
HM 895
Clinical Medicine Capstone
HM 899
Master's Thesis Research
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