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HDFS 145
Individual Couples & Families
HDFS 201
Child Development (ages 0-3)
HDFS 211
Child Growth and Development
HDFS 212
Children, Youth and Family
HDFS 225
Lifespan Human Devel in Family
HDFS 238
Personal Finance
HDFS 270
Intro to HDFS
HDFS 303
Assessmnt Observ in Early Care
Interaction with Children-Lab
HDFS 320
Interaction with Children
HDFS 321
Curriculum for Children
Curriculum for Children-Lab
Interact Curric Infant Todd
HDFS 322
Infant Dev & Program Planning
HDFS 345
Principles Family Studies (W)
HDFS 412
Ecological Prspctv Adolescents
HDFS 414
HDFS 421
Assessment of Young Child
HDFS 424
Student Teaching in ECE
HDFS 442
Ethnic Families in America
HDFS 444
Interpersonal Relation Family
HDFS 445
Human Sexuality
HDFS 447
Mgmt of Human Service Programs
HDFS 448
Child and Family Policy
HDFS 449
Special Needs Child & Family
HDFS 454
Family Resource Management
HDFS 472
Eval of Human Service Programs
HDFS 473
Admin Early Childhood Programs
HDFS 481
Res/Quantitative Methods HDFS
Honors Independent Study
HDFS 490
Independent Study
HDFS 493
HDFS 497
Special Topics HDFS
HDFS 810
Theories of Human Development
HDFS 811
Child Dev Ecological Perspect
HDFS 814
Parenthood & Parent Education
HDFS 817
Adv Prac Infant & Toddler
HDFS 818
Adv Curric in Early Childhood
HDFS 820
Infant Development
HDFS 821
Prev Interven & Educ Prg in EC
HDFS 825
Fam & Special Needs Child
HDFS 827
Lang & Lit Dev Infancy to Sch
HDFS 830
Surv Couple & Fam Therapy Thry
HDFS 847
Theories of the Family
HDFS 860
Policy and Positive Youth Dev
HDFS 861
Community Youth Development
HDFS 862
Yth Cultures/Culture of Yths
HDFS 864
Foundations Youth Development
HDFS 865
Capstone GPIDEA
HDFS 874
Foundation & Principles of FCS
HDFS 875
Resilence in Families
HDFS 880
Research Design & Measurement
HDFS 881
Quant Methods Hum Devel
HDFS 888
Div Fam and Comm Int and Str
HDFS 890
Master's Independent Study
HDFS 892
Sem in Human Dev & Fam Studies
HDFS 894
Laboratory & Field Experience
HDFS 899
Master's Thesis Research
HDFS 901
Contemp Schl Hum Dev & Fam Stu
HDFS 903
CFT Intervention Programs
HDFS 911
Outcm Res in CFT
HDFS 960
Appl Multivar Data
HDFS 961
Appl Structural Eq Model
HDFS 962
Long Structural Eq Model
HDFS 982
Qualitative Research Methods
HDFS 983
Adv Res Meth CFT
HDFS 990
Doctoral Independent Study
HDFS 993
HDFS 995
Couple & Family Therapy Superv
HDFS 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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