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HB 100
Intro Hospitality Business
HB 105
Service Management
HB 201
HB Professional Development
HB 210
The Casino Industry
HB 237
Mgt of Lodging Systems
HB 265
Food Mgt
HB 267
Food and Beverage Management
HB 293
Cooperative Education
HB 302
Hospitality Managerial Acct
HB 307
Hospitality Human Resource
HB 311
Hospitality Finance
HB 321
Club Operations and Management
HB 337
Hospitality Information Sys
HB 345
Quantity Food Production Sys
HB 345L
Quantity Food Prod Sys Lab
HB 347
Foodservice Distrib Channel
HB 349
Facility Maintenance & Systems
HB 358
Hospitality Business Ownership
HB 375
Hospitality Marketing
HB 376
Hospitality Sales
HB 380
Meeting & Event Planning & Mgt
HB 382
HB Real Estate Investment Mgt
HB 405
Adv Food Bev Mgt
HB 411
Hospitality Beverages
HB 415
Quality in Hospitality Bus
HB 420
The Business of Golf
HB 437
Hospitality Revenue Management
HB 447
Hospitality Business Law
HB 473
Hospitality Business Analytics
HB 482
Advanced Hospitality Finance
HB 485
Hospitality Food Operations
HB 486
Advanced Hospitality Marketing
HB 489
Hospitality Bus Strategy (W)
HB 490
Independent Study
HB 491
Curr Top in Hospitality Bus
HB 492
HB Real Estate Skills Workshop
HB 837
Hospitality Info Tech
HB 847
Hospitality Business Law
HB 885
Hospitality Business Research
HB 886
Market Hospitality Indust
HB 889
Hospitality Indust Field Study
HB 890
Independent Study
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