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GLG 201
The Dynamic Earth
GLG 202
Geology of Michigan
GLG 301
Geology Great Lakes Region
GLG 303
GLG 304
Phys & Biol History of Earth
GLG 306
Environmental Geomorphology
GLG 321
Mineralogy and Geochemistry
GLG 361
Ign & Met Geochem & Petrology
GLG 401
Structure and Tectonics (W)
GLG 411
GLG 412
Glacial Geology-Climate Change
GLG 421
Environmental Geochemistry
GLG 431
GLG 433
Vertebrate Paleontology
GLG 434
Evolutionary Paleobiology
GLG 435
GLG 440
Planetary Geology
GLG 446
Water and Food
GLG 470
Solid Earth Geophys & Geodyn
GLG 471
Applied Geophysics
GLG 499
Ind Study Geological Sciences
GLG 801
Seminar in Geochemistry
GLG 803
Seminar in Hydrogeology
GLG 804
Seminar in Paleobiology
GLG 806
Sem Sedimentology/Stratigraphy
GLG 807
Sem Struct Geology & Tectonics
GLG 808
Sem Planetary GLG & Astromtls
GLG 813
Hillslope Hydrology
GLG 850
From Research to Publication
GLG 862
Igneous Petrology
GLG 864
Mineral and Rock Physics
GLG 873
Numerical Tools Earth Env Sci
GLG 889
Special Prob in Geocognition
GLG 890
Spec Prob Planetary GLG
GLG 891
Spec Prob Geochemistry
GLG 892
Spec Prob Geophysic & Geodynam
GLG 893
Spec Prob Hydrogeology
GLG 894
Spec Prob Paleobiology
GLG 895
Special Problems in Petrology
GLG 896
Spec Prob Sedimentology
GLG 897
Spec Prob Struct Geo & Tecton
GLG 898
Spec Prob Envir Geosciences
GLG 899
Master's Thesis Research
GLG 900
Research Strat Meth Env Eng Sc
GLG 901
Research Strategies & Methods
GLG 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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