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GEO 113
Intro to Economic Geography
GEO 151
Human Geography
GEO 201
Intro Plant Geography
GEO 203
Introduction to Meteorology
GEO 204
World Regional Geography
GEO 206
Physical Geography
GEO 206L
Physical Geography Laboratory
GEO 208
Phys Geo National Parks
GEO 211
Environmental Policy &Practice
GEO 214
Geography of Drugs
GEO 215
Sports Geography
GEO 221
Intro Geographic Information
GEO 221L
Intro Geo Info Lab
GEO 235
Geography Environment & Health
GEO 286
Undergrad Research Geography
GEO 302
Climates of the World
GEO 303
Severe Weather
GEO 306
Environmental Geomorphology
GEO 314
Methd Invest of Urban Systems
GEO 324
Remote Sensing of Environment
GEO 325
Geographic Information Systems
GEO 326
Cartographic Design and Produc
GEO 330
Geography of the U.S. & Canada
GEO 333
Geography of Michigan
GEO 335
Geography of Latin America
GEO 336
Geography of Europe
GEO 337
Geography of Asia-Pacific
GEO 338
Geography of Africa
GEO 339
Geography of the Middle East
GEO 363
Quant Mthds Geographers
GEO 401
Global Plant Geography
GEO 402
Agricultural Climatology
GEO 403
Dynamic Meteorology (W)
GEO 407
Regional Geomorphology of U.S.
GEO 408
Soil Geomorphology Field Study
GEO 409
Global Climate Change
GEO 410
Geography Food & Agriculture
GEO 411
Stream Systems and Landforms
GEO 412
Glacial Geology-Climate Change
GEO 413
Urban Geography
GEO 414
Geography of Transportation
GEO 415
Location Thry & Land Use Anly
GEO 418
The Ghetto
GEO 419
Applic GIS Natural Resources
GEO 424
Advanced Remote Sensing
GEO 425
Problems in GIScience (W)
GEO 426
Thematic Cartography
GEO 428
Digital Terrain Analysis
GEO 429
GEO 435
Geography of Health & Disease
GEO 436
Spatial Analysis of Population
GEO 440
GEO 441
Cultural Geography
GEO 453
Metropolitan Environments
GEO 459
Tourism in Regional Developmnt
GEO 460
Green Roofs and Walls
GEO 472
Ecol Monitoring Data Analyis
GEO 478
Urban Transportation Planning
GEO 480
Senior Seminar (W)
GEO 490
Independent Study
GEO 492
Geographic Research Problems
GEO 495
Field Study
GEO 498
Internship in Geography
GEO 802
Geospatial Technology
GEO 813
Sem Urban & Economic Geography
GEO 816
World System of Cities
GEO 826
GEO 827
Digital Image Prosgn & Analys
GEO 837
Remote Sensing Biosphere
GEO 858
Gender and Environment
GEO 859
Gender/Environmental Methods
GEO 865
Adv Quant Meth in Geography
GEO 866
Spatial Data Analysis
GEO 869
GEO 871
Seminar in Physical Geography
GEO 872
Seminar in Human Geography
GEO 873
Seminar Human-Environment GEO
GEO 874
Seminar Geographic Info Sci
GEO 886
Research Design in Geography
GEO 890
Advanced Readings in Geography
GEO 892
Advanced Research in Geography
GEO 899
Master's Thesis Research
GEO 986
Theory & Philosop in Geography
GEO 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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