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FSC 112
Seminar Food Proc Tech Safety
FSC 211
Principles of Food Science
FSC 222
Prof Dev & Career Plan Food Sc
FSC 310
Sensory Analysis and Cons Rsch
FSC 325
Food Proc
FSC 342
Food Safety and HACCP
FSC 401
Food Chemistry
FSC 402
Food Chemistry Laboratory
FSC 420
Quality Assurance
FSC 422
Adv Prof Seminar in Food Sci
FSC 429
Fundamentals Food Engineering
FSC 430
Fruit/Veg Processing
FSC 431
Cereals Processing
FSC 432
Food Processing
FSC 433
Food Processing
FSC 440
Food Microbiology
FSC 441
Food Microbiology Laboratory
FSC 442
HACCP Training & Certification
FSC 455
Food and Nutrition Laboratory
FSC 470
Food Prod Development
FSC 477
Food Engineering
FSC 481
Fermented Beverages
FSC 482
Sci & Tech of Wine Production
FSC 483
Brewing and Distilled Bev Tech
FSC 490
Spec Problems Food Science
FSC 493
Professional Internship
FSC 803
Advanced Food Chemistry
FSC 807
Advanced Food Toxicology
FSC 810
International Food Laws & Regs
FSC 811
U.S. Food Laws and Regulations
FSC 812
EU Food Laws & Regulations
FSC 813
Latin America Food Laws & Regs
FSC 814
Canadian Food Laws & Regs
FSC 816
Codex Alimentarius (Food Code)
FSC 817
Animal Health/Trade/FoodSafety
FSC 823
Diet and Immune Function
FSC 852
FSMA Preventive Controls Rule
FSC 853
FSMA Produce Safety Rule
FSC 890
Spec Prob Food Science
FSC 891
Sel Topics Food Science
FSC 892
Food Science Seminar
FSC 898
Master's Research
FSC 899
Master's Thesis Research
FSC 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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