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FLM 200
Film Collective
FLM 211
Documentary History and Theory
FLM 230
Introduction to Film
FLM 255
Stars and Directors
FLM 260
Intro to Digital Film & Media
FLM 300
History of Film to Midcentury
FLM 301
History of Film after Midcntry
FLM 311
Intro to Doc Production
FLM 334
Intro to Screenwriting (W)
FLM 335
Film Directing
FLM 337
Topics in Film Form
FLM 350
National/Transnational Cinemas
FLM 355
Studies in Film Genres
FLM 380
Classical Film & Media Theory
FLM 381
Contemp Film & Media Theory
FLM 400
FLM 411
Documentary Design/Production
FLM 434
Advanced Screenwriting (W)
FLM 435A
Creating the Fiction Film I
FLM 435B
Creating the Fict Film (W)
FLM 451
Studies in Postcolonial Cinema
FLM 452
Film, Gender, and Sexuality
FLM 455
Experimental Film & Media
FLM 460
Sem in Digital Film/Media (W)
FLM 480
Film & Media Theory (W)
FLM 490
Independent Study
FLM 493
Film Studies Internship
FLM 499
Senior Thesis Research (W)
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