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FI 293
Cooperative Education
FI 311H
Financial Management
FI 311
Financial Management
FI 312
Introduction to Investments
FI 320
Introduction to Finance
FI 321
Theory of Investments
FI 380
Prin Insurance Risk Management
FI 413
Mgt of Financial Institutions
FI 414
Advanced Business Finance (W)
FI 425
Law and Economics (W)
FI 444
Entrepreneurial Finance
FI 451
Interntl Financial Management
FI 455
Computer Appl Financl Modeling
FI 457
Security Analysis
FI 473
Debt and Money Markets
FI 478
Investment Strat & Spec Mrkts
FI 480
Financial Risk Management
FI 481
Crises, Insurance, & Risk Mgt
FI 490
Independent Study
FI 491
Topics in Finance
FI 801
Managerial Finance
FI 821A
Cross Section Econometrics I
FI 821B
Cross Section Econometrics II
FI 822A
Time Series Econometrics I
FI 844
Corporate Financial Strategies
FI 845
Financial Modeling & Sim I
FI 846
Financial Modeling & Sim II
FI 847
Corporate Strategies Risk Mgt
FI 850
Introduction to Investments I
FI 851
Introduction to Investments II
FI 852
Financial Derivatives I
FI 853
Debt, Money Instru & Markets
FI 854
Fixed Income Instruments
FI 855
Financial Derivatives II
FI 857
Security Analysis & Port Mgt
FI 859
Mergers and Acquistions
FI 860
Multinational Corp Finance
FI 861
Internat'l Financial Markets
FI 862
Corporate Strategy Valuation
FI 863
Corp Restructuring & Goverance
FI 865
Corp Real Options Valuation
FI 869
Entrepreneurial Fin Vent Cap
FI 870
Venture Capital Private Equity
FI 890
Independent Study
FI 891
Topics in Finance
FI 980
Theory of Finance
FI 981
Corporate Finance Theory
FI 982
Investment Theory
FI 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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