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EPI 200
Multi App Public Health & Epid
EPI 280
App Methods Health Studies I
EPI 289
Introductory Independent Study
EPI 380
App Methods Health Studies II
EPI 390
Disease in Society
EPI 465
Bayesian Statistical Methods
EPI 489
Intermediate Independent Study
EPI 805
Historical Roots of Epidem
EPI 808
Biostatistics I
EPI 808B
Advanced Biostatistics
EPI 809
Biostatistics II
EPI 810
Introductory Epidemiology
EPI 812
Causal Inference Epidemiology
EPI 815
Epidem Cardiovascular Disease
EPI 816
Perinatal Epidemiology
EPI 817
Epidem Communicable Diseases
EPI 823
Cancer Epidemiology
EPI 826
Research Mthds in Epidemiology
EPI 826B
Categorical Data Analysis
EPI 828
Responsible Conduct Research
EPI 829
Des Epidem Stdy & Clin Trials
EPI 835
EPI 836
Practicum Epidemiology Methods
EPI 840
Clin Epi Healthcare Practice
EPI 847
Analysis of Survival Data
EPI 851
SAS Programming I Essentials
EPI 852
SAS Programming II Data Mgt An
EPI 853B
Statistical Computing
EPI 855
Biostat Modl in Genomic Analys
EPI 856
Statistical Consulting
EPI 858
Clinical Trials
EPI 860
Adv Inference for Biostatics
EPI 890
Ind Stdy EPI & Biostats
EPI 899
Master's Thesis Research
EPI 910
Contemporary Epidemiology
EPI 920
Adv Meth Epid & Appl Stat
EPI 952
Duration and Severity Analysis
EPI 953
Analy Strat for Observ Studies
EPI 977
Social Epidemiology
EPI 979
Adv Topics Infectious Dis Epi
EPI 990
Independent Study
EPI 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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