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ENG 097
Oral Skills Foreign Teach Ast
ENG 126
Intro to Literary Genres
ENG 129
Introduction to Reading Poetry
ENG 130
Film and Society
ENG 140
Literature and Society
ENG 142
Introduction to Popular Lit
ENG 153
Introduction to Women Authors
ENG 200
Creative Writing Community
ENG 204
Topics North Amer Literature
ENG 206
Topics in Global Literatures
ENG 210
Foundations Literary Study I
ENG 211H
Foundation in Literary Studies
ENG 218
Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG 223
Intro Creative Non-Fict Writ
ENG 226
Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 227
Introduction to Playwriting
ENG 228
Intro to Fiction Writing
ENG 229
Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENG 232
Writing as Exploration
ENG 280
Foundations Literary Study II
ENG 290
Independent Study
ENG 302
Intro to the English Language
ENG 308
Literature for Young Adults
ENG 316
Readings in Irish Literature
ENG 318
Readings in Shakespeare
ENG 319
Readings in Michigan Lit
ENG 320D
Meth Lit Hst
ENG 320A
Meth Literary History
ENG 320C
Meth Literary History
ENG 320B
Meth Literary History
ENG 323
Readings in Non-Fiction
ENG 324
Readings in Epic
ENG 325
Readings in Graphic Narrative
ENG 328
Readings in Novel & Narrative
ENG 334
Intro to Screenwriting (W)
ENG 340
Popular Culture Studies
ENG 342
Readings in Popular Lit Genres
ENG 350
Readings African or African Am
ENG 351
Readings in Chicano/Latino Lit
ENG 352
Readings Asian/Asian Am Lit
ENG 353
Readings in Women Writers
ENG 354
Native American Literature
ENG 355
Readings in Sexuality and Lit
ENG 356
Readings in Jewish Literature
ENG 360
Studies Postcol Diaspora (W)
ENG 362
Studies Modern/Contemp Lit (W)
ENG 364
Studies 18th/19th C Lit (W)
ENG 368
Studies Medieval/Early Mod (W)
ENG 391
Special Topics in English
ENG 395
Writing Center Theory
ENG 400
Writing Intensive Unit
ENG 406
Topics in English Lang Studies
ENG 408
Critical Literacies Communit
ENG 413
Crit Questns Lang & Comp (W)
ENG 420
Language and Culture
ENG 423
Advanced Non-Fiction Writing
ENG 428
Advanced Fiction Writing
ENG 429
Advanced Poetry Writing
ENG 434
Advanced Screenwriting (W)
ENG 448
Seminar in Gender & Literature
ENG 450
Seminar African American Lit
ENG 458
Seminar 19th C British Lit
ENG 473A
Literature and Medicine
ENG 475
History of the Book
ENG 478A
Lit Tech & Representation
ENG 478B
Literature and Visual Culture
ENG 481
Seminar Critical Theory
ENG 484C
Crit Questions Literary Period
ENG 484B
Crit Questns Region, School
ENG 489H
Senior Honors Project
ENG 490
Independent Study
ENG 492H
Honors Seminar in English
ENG 493
English Internship
ENG 499
Senior Thesis Research (W)
ENG 802
Literary Criticism and Theory
ENG 813
Lit in English before 1800
ENG 814
Lit in English after 1800
ENG 818
Studies in Genre and Media
ENG 819
Special Topics in Lang and Lit
ENG 820
Professionalization Seminar
ENG 826
Special Topics Seminar
ENG 890
Independent Study
ENG 896
Practicum Eng Language & Lit
ENG 897
Sem Fem Theories Epist Pedag
ENG 898
Master's Research
ENG 899
Master's Thesis Research
ENG 990
Independent Study
ENG 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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