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ECE 101
Introduction to ECE
ECE 201
Circuits and Systems I
ECE 202
Circuits and Systems II
ECE 203
Circuits Lab
ECE 230
Digital Logic Fundamentals
ECE 280
Electrical Engr Analysis
ECE 302
Electronic Circuits
ECE 303
Electronics Laboratory
ECE 305
Electromag Fields & Waves I
ECE 313
Control Systems
ECE 320
Energy Conver & Power Electron
ECE 331
Microprocessors & Digital Sys
ECE 345
Electronic Instrument & System
ECE 366
Intro to Signal Processing
ECE 377
Principles of Electronic De
ECE 390
Ethics & Prof & Cont Issues
ECE 402
Appl Analog Intg Circ
ECE 404
Radio Frequency Elec Circuits
ECE 405
Electromag Fields and Waves II
ECE 407
Electromagnetic Compatibilty
ECE 410
VLSI Design
ECE 415
Computer Aided Manufacturing
ECE 416
Digital Control
ECE 420
Power Laboratory
ECE 423
Power System Analysis
ECE 425
Solid State Power Conversion
ECE 430
Embedded Cyber-Physical System
ECE 442
Communication Networks
ECE 445
Biomedical Instrumentation
ECE 446
Biomedical Signal Processing
ECE 447
Intro to Biomedical Imaging
ECE 448
Model & Analysis Bio Systems
ECE 449
Fundamentals of Acoustics
ECE 456
Computer and Comm Security
ECE 457
Communication Systems
ECE 458
Communication Systems Lab
ECE 466
Dig Signal Proc & Fltr Design
ECE 474
Prin of Electronic Devices
ECE 476
ECE 477
Microelectronic Fabrication
ECE 480
Senior Design
ECE 489
Independent Senior Design
ECE 490
Independent Study
ECE 491
Special Topics
ECE 499
Undergraduate Research
ECE 801
Independent Study
ECE 802
Selected Topics
ECE 810
RF Integrated Circuits
ECE 813
Advanced VLSI Design
ECE 818
ECE 819
Smart Material Sensors and Act
ECE 820
Advanced Computer Architecture
ECE 821
Adv Power Elect and Appl
ECE 823
Power Sys Stability & Control
ECE 824
Power System Reliability
ECE 825
Altern Curr Elect Mach & Drves
ECE 832
Analog Integrated Circuit Dsgn
ECE 835
Electromagnet Flds & Waves I
ECE 836
Electromagnet Flds & Waves II
ECE 837
Computational Methods in Elect
ECE 848
Evolutionary Computation
ECE 850
Electrodynamics of Plasmas
ECE 851
Linear Systems and Control
ECE 853
Optimal Control
ECE 854
Robust Control
ECE 856
Adaptive Control
ECE 859
Nonlinear Systems and Control
ECE 863
Analysis of Stochastic Systems
ECE 864
Detection & Estimation Theory
ECE 865
Analog & Digital Communication
ECE 866
Time-Freq & Wavelet Analysis
ECE 869
Wireless Comm & Networking
ECE 870
Intro Micro-Electro-Mech Sys
ECE 871
Microsystems Fab
ECE 874
Physical Electronics
ECE 875
Electronic Devices
ECE 877
Cleanroom Procedures
ECE 885
Artificial Neural Networks
ECE 899
Master's Thesis Research
ECE 925
Advanced Topics in Power
ECE 929C
Geometrical Thry Diffraction
ECE 929D
Computational Methods in EM
ECE 932
Advanced Top Analog Circuits
ECE 960C
Networked and Embedded Control
ECE 989
Adv Topics in Plasma
ECE 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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