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EAD 201
Current Issues in Education
EAD 315
Student Leadership Training
EAD 361
Educ Reform & Policy Analysis
EAD 491
Special Topics in Student Aff
EAD 801
Leadership & Organ Development
EAD 805
Admin Higher Education
EAD 806
Evolve Practice School Leaders
EAD 811
Analysis Teaching & Learning
EAD 812
Analysis School Organizations
EAD 820
School Leadership Internship
EAD 821
Internship in Educ Admin II
EAD 822
Diverse Students and Families
EAD 830
Urban Ed
EAD 840
Inquiry Postsecondary Educ
EAD 850
Multicultural Education
EAD 852
School Principalship
EAD 853
Education Finance & Policy
EAD 860
Concept of Learning Society
EAD 861
Adult Learning
EAD 863
Training & Professional Dev
EAD 866
Teaching in Postsecondary Educ
EAD 868
Pro Sem in Higher & Adult Educ
EAD 870
Foundations of Postsecdry Ed
EAD 871
Collegiate Contexts Tchg & Lrn
EAD 872
Legal Issues in Higher Ed
EAD 873
College Student Development
EAD 874
Intro to Student Affairs
EAD 875
Issues & Strat in Student Aff
EAD 876
Budget/Finance Higher Ed
EAD 877
Prog Plan & Eval Postsec Educ
EAD 878
Education in the Digital Age
EAD 881
Wrkshp Educational Admin
EAD 882
Sem Educational Admin
EAD 889
Res Assessment in Student Aff
EAD 890
Independent Study
EAD 893
Prof Dev Sem in Student Affair
EAD 894
Laboratory & Field Experiences
EAD 899
Master's Thesis Research
EAD 901
Urban Ed
EAD 907
Ed Policy Immigrant ELL Stdnts
EAD 920
Political Economy of Schooling
EAD 921
Leadership and Transformation
EAD 922
Analyzing Education Systems
EAD 923
Organizing For Learning
EAD 924
Data and Decisions
EAD 925
Policy & Practice in Education
EAD 926
School Finance and Operations
EAD 931
Intro Qualitative Meth Ed Res
EAD 942
Economics of Education
EAD 943
Politics of Education
EAD 944
Social Context of Education
EAD 946B
Econometric Analysis Ed Policy
EAD 946A
Regress Analysis for Ed Policy
EAD 947
Comp International Ed Policy
EAD 948
Advanced Econ of Education
EAD 949
Adv Seminar in Educ Policy
EAD 955B
Field Res Methods Ed Admn
EAD 960
Postsecondary Education
EAD 963
Leadership Postsecondary Ed
EAD 964
Comparative Higher Education
EAD 965
Diversity & Equity Postsec Ed
EAD 966
Students in Postsecondary Educ
EAD 967
Pol Devel &Analysis Postsec Ed
EAD 968
Teach, Learn, & Curr Post Educ
EAD 970
Organization & Adm Postsec Ed
EAD 972
Intl Comp Higher Adult Ed
EAD 981B
Capstone II
EAD 981A
Capstone I
EAD 982B
Capstone Seminar II
EAD 982A
Capstone Seminar
EAD 990
Independent Study
EAD 991A
Spec Top K-12 Administration
EAD 991B
Spec Top High Adlt & Liflng Ed
EAD 994
Laboratory & Field Experiences
EAD 995
Res Pract Ed Admin
EAD 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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