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CSUS 124
Intro Sustainable Ag Food Sys
CSUS 200
Introduction to Sustainabilty
CSUS 207
Great Lakes Biology & Mgt
CSUS 215
Intl Devel and Sustainability
CSUS 221
Seminar Env Sust Careers
Sem Intructional Theory I
Sem Intructional Theory II
Sem Intructional Theory III
Sem Leadership Theory I
Sem Leadership Theory II
CSUS 224
Sus Farm & Food Sys Fld Stdies
CSUS 250
Global Issues in ANR
CSUS 259
Sustainable Energy & Society
CSUS 265
Env Issues Using Film
CSUS 273
Intro to Travel and Tourism
CSUS 276
Sust Our Ntl Parks & Rec Lands
CSUS 278
Intro Cons, Rec & Environ Enf
CSUS 300
Theoretical Fnd Sustainability
CSUS 301
Community Engage Sustain (W)
CSUS 310
Hist Env Thought and Sust
CSUS 320
Environmental Planning & Mgt
CSUS 322
Leadership for Comm Sust
CSUS 330
Org Mgt for Comm Sust (W)
CSUS 343
Community Food & Agr Systems
CSUS 354
Water Resources Management
CSUS 418
Comm Sust Study Abroad
CSUS 419
Intl Studies in Comm Sust
CSUS 424
Sust Ag and Food Sys Int Synth
CSUS 429
Program Evaluation for CSUS
CSUS 430
Non-Prof Org Mgt for Comm Sust
CSUS 431
Interp and Visitor Info Sys
CSUS 433
Grantwriting & Fund Devel
CSUS 445
Comm Envir & Sustain Educ
CSUS 446
Environ Issues & Public Policy
CSUS 464
Env & Nat Res Policy in MI
CSUS 465
Environmental Nat Res Law
CSUS 473
Soc Entrep and Comm Sust
CSUS 474
Tourism Management
CSUS 476
Nat Resource Recreation Mgt
CSUS 489
Sem in Zoo & Aquarium Science
CSUS 490
Ind Study - Com Sustainability
CSUS 491
Spec Top in Com Sustainability
CSUS 493
Professional Internship
CSUS 800
Community Sustainability I
CSUS 802
Intro Interdisc Inquiry
CSUS 811
Comm Food & Ag Survey
CSUS 814
Sust Tourism Prot Area Mgt
CSUS 816
Environmental Design Theory
CSUS 824
Sustainable Development
CSUS 826
International Development
CSUS 829
Economics of Envir Resources
CSUS 831
Found of Qualitative Research
CSUS 833
Prog Eval in Ag & Nat Res
CSUS 834
Survey Research and Design
CSUS 836
Modeling Natural Res Systems
CSUS 838
Participatory Modes of Inquiry
CSUS 848
Comty-Based Int Nat Res Mgmt
CSUS 855
Political Ecology of Food
CSUS 858
Gender and Environment
CSUS 864
AFNR Educator Induction
CSUS 865
Facilitative Leadership
CSUS 873
Culture Communities & Tourism
CSUS 886
Fundamentals of Museum Studies
CSUS 890
Independent Study in CSUS
CSUS 891
Selected Topic in CSUS
CSUS 894
Field Practicum Comm Sust
CSUS 898
Master's Professional Project
CSUS 899
Master's Thesis Research
CSUS 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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