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CSE 101
Computng Concepts/Competencies
CSE 102
Algorithmic Thinking/Progrming
CSE 201
Fund of Information Technology
CSE 220
Programming in C
CSE 231
Introduction to Programming I
CSE 232
Introduction to Programming II
CSE 260
Discrete Structures Comp Sci
CSE 290
Ind Study in Computer Science
CSE 291
Sel Topics in Computer Science
CSE 320
Comp Organization and Arch
CSE 325
Computer Systems
CSE 331
Algorithms and Data Structures
CSE 335
Software Design
CSE 402
Biometrics and Pattern Recog
CSE 404
Intro to Machine Learning
CSE 410
Operating Systems
CSE 415
Intro to Parallel Computing
CSE 420
Computer Architecture
CSE 422
Computer Networks
CSE 425
Intro to Computer Security
CSE 429
Topics in CyberSecurity
CSE 431
Algorithm Engineering
CSE 435
Software Engineering
CSE 440
Intro to AI
CSE 444
Information Technology Project
CSE 450
Translation Programming Lang
CSE 460
Computability and Languages
CSE 471
Media Process and Computing
CSE 472
Computer Graphics
CSE 476
Mobile App Development
CSE 477
Web App Architecture & Develop
CSE 480
Database Systems
CSE 482
Big Data Analysis
CSE 490
Ind Study in Computer Science
CSE 491
Sel Topics in Computer Science
CSE 498
Collaborative Design (W)
CSE 802
Pattern Recognition & Analysis
CSE 803
Computer Vision
CSE 812
Distributed Systems
CSE 813
Advanced VLSI Design
CSE 820
Advanced Computer Architecture
CSE 822
Parallel Computing
CSE 824
Adv Computer Networks & Com
CSE 825
Computer and Network Security
CSE 830
Design & Theory of Algorithms
CSE 835
Algorithmic Graph Theory
CSE 841
Artificial Intelligence
CSE 842
Natural Language Processing
CSE 843
Language and Interaction
CSE 845
Multi-disc Res Meth Study Evol
CSE 847
Machine Learning
CSE 848
Evolutionary Computation
CSE 860
Foundations of Computing
CSE 870
Advanced Software Engineering
CSE 881
Data Mining
CSE 885
Artificial Neural Networks
CSE 890
Independent Study
CSE 891
Selected Topics
CSE 898
Master's Project
CSE 899
Master's Thesis Research
CSE 910
Sel Top Cmpt Netwrk & Dist Sys
CSE 914
Formal Method Sftwr Develop
CSE 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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