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COM 100
Human Communication
COM 225
An Intro to Interpersonal Comm
COM 240
Intro to Organizational Comm
COM 275
Effects of Mass Communication
COM 300
Mthds of Communication Inquiry
COM 301
Spec Topic Com Sci, Analy, Res
COM 302
Special Topics in Health Comm
COM 304
Special Topics in Interp Com
COM 305
Special Topics in Mediated Com
COM 310
Intercultural Communication
COM 320
Diversity and Communication
COM 325
Interpersonal Influence & Conf
COM 330
Health Communication
COM 340
Leadership & Group Com
COM 360
Advanced Sales Communication
COM 375
Audience Resp to Media Enterta
COM 399
Spec Topics in Communication
COM 402
Public Relations Topics in COM
COM 425
Com in Close Relationships (W)
COM 440
Organizatal Comm Structure (W)
COM 475
Comm Campaign Desgn & Anly (W)
COM 483
Sales Communication
COM 490
Independent Study
COM 493
COM 494
Pract Comm Res & Instruction
COM 801
Communication Research I
COM 802
Communication Research II
COM 803
Intro Quantitative Research
COM 815
Organizational Communication I
COM 816
Fundraising Philan Nonprof Org
COM 820
Communication Theory & Process
COM 821
Mass Comm Theory & Research
COM 822
Theories of Interpersonal Comm
COM 828
Cross-Cultural Communication
COM 830
Applied Communication Res II
COM 855
Codes and Code Systems
COM 860
COM 874
Com in Supply Chain Mgt
COM 875
Comm Leadership Skills
COM 890
Independent Study
COM 893
COM 899
Master's Thesis Research
COM 901
Communication Res Design I
COM 902
Communication Res Design II
COM 921
Micro and Macro Media
COM 922
Interpersonal Communication
COM 990
Independent Study
COM 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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