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CJ 110
Intro to Criminal Justice
CJ 210
Intro to Forensic Science
CJ 220
CJ 235
Investigation Procedures
CJ 275
Criminal Procedure
CJ 292
Meth of Criminal Justice Res
CJ 294
Leadership Prof Develpmt in CJ
CJ 335
CJ 355
Juvenile Justice
CJ 365
CJ 385
Private Security
CJ 422
Compar & Hist Criminal Justice
CJ 424
Crime Mass Media & Society (W)
CJ 425
Women and Criminal Justice
CJ 426
Violence Against Women (W)
CJ 427
Criminology & Public Pol (W)
CJ 429
Topics in CyberSecurity
CJ 430
Advanced Sem in Policing (W)
CJ 432
Community Policing
CJ 433
Law Enforce Intelligence Oper
CJ 434
Police Administration
CJ 439
Homeland Security
CJ 445
Cyber-Crime & Cyber-Secur (W)
CJ 466
Corrections Organ/Systems
CJ 471
Law of Corrections
CJ 473
Comparative Constitutional Law
CJ 474
Law & Criminal Justice Policy
CJ 485
Issues in Private Security
CJ 490
Independent Study
CJ 491
Topics in Criminal Justice
CJ 494
Criminal Justice Practicum
CJ 801
Crime Caus Prevent & Control
CJ 802
Prosem Law Enforce Intell Op
CJ 803
Foundations Homeland Security
CJ 804
Crime Scene Investigation
CJ 805
Survey in Forensic Science
CJ 809
Issues in Criminal Justice
CJ 810
Proseminar in Criminal Justice
CJ 811
Design & Anly Crim Justice Res
CJ 812
Criminal Justice Mgt Seminar
CJ 815
Prosem Criminal Investigation
CJ 819
Forensic Analysis Drug/Alcohol
CJ 820
Forensic Chemistry
CJ 821
Food Protection and Defense
CJ 822
Comparative Criminal Justice
CJ 823
Globalization of Crime
CJ 825
DNA Profiling
CJ 829
Trends and Court Planning
CJ 836
Assess Police Policy & Opertns
CJ 837
Intel Process & Counterterror
CJ 838
CJ 839
Analytic Thinking & Intell
CJ 845
Env Risk Percept & Decision
CJ 846
Corp Enviro Crime & Risk
CJ 847
Risk, Conservation and Crim
CJ 856
Adv Topics in Policing
CJ 858
Gender and Environment
CJ 864
Essential Court Operations
CJ 870
Intro to Crime Analysis
CJ 887
Quant Meth Crimin Justice Res
CJ 890
Independent Study
CJ 894
CJ 896
Policy Anly Under Condit Chnge
CJ 897
Comprehensive Threat Assessmen
CJ 899
Master's Thesis Research
CJ 901
Sem Contemp Thry & Crim Justce
CJ 904
CJ Organization & Process
CJ 905
Law and Society
CJ 906
Adv Quan Meth in CJ Research
CJ 907
CJ Data Analysis
CJ 908
Advanced Topics in CJ
CJ 909
Advanced Research Methods
CJ 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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