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CEP 150
Reflections on Learning
CEP 201
Current Issues in Education
CEP 240
Div Lrnrs in Multicult Persp
CEP 260
Dynamics of Personal Adjustmnt
CEP 261
Substance Abuse
CEP 301
Literacy Instr Mild Impair (W)
CEP 345
Language Literacy Dev & Disord
CEP 370
Educ Students with Spec Needs
CEP 416
Teaching & Learning With Tech
CEP 449
Behavior Management in Spec Ed
CEP 451
Models of Spec Ed Admin & Serv
CEP 452
Assistive Tech Stdn with LD
CEP 460
Comm Skill Train Helping Prof
CEP 470
Disability in a Div Society
CEP 502A
Intern Tch Diver Lrn II
CEP 800
Lrn School & Other Settings
CEP 801
Psych Dev Lrnr Diff & Commonal
CEP 801A
Consultation in Special Ed
CEP 802
Dev Positive Attitudes Learn
CEP 802A
Inquiry in Spec Ed I
CEP 803A
Assessment Mild Disabilites
CEP 804B
Adv Diag Remediation Stdn LD
CEP 804A
Literacy Instruction Mild Dis
CEP 805
Learning Math with Technology
CEP 807
Capstone Ed Technology
CEP 809
Data-Driven Instruct in MTSS
CEP 810
Tch Understanding w/Technology
CEP 811
Adapting Innovative Tech to Ed
CEP 812
Apply Educ Tech to Practice
CEP 813
Electronic Assessment
CEP 814
Computational Thinking K12 Edu
CEP 815
Technology and Leadership
CEP 816
Teach & Lrn Across Curriculum
CEP 817
Learning Tech through Design
CEP 818
Creativity in Teaching & Learn
CEP 820
Teaching Students Online
CEP 822
Approaches to Ed Research
CEP 824
Programming Concepts K12 Ed
CEP 832
Ed Students Challenging Behav
CEP 843
CEP 844
Applied Behav Analysis Teacher
CEP 845
CEP 846
CEP 850
Tech, Literacy for Mild Disabi
CEP 851
Concepts and Principles in ABA
CEP 852
Experimental Analysis Behavior
CEP 853
Funct Behav Assess & Change
CEP 854
Ethics in Behavior Analysis
CEP 855
Verbal Behavior in Education
CEP 861
Couns Thry Philosphy & Ethics
CEP 862
Couns Intro Ind & Group Proc
CEP 868
Medical Aspects of Disabilty
CEP 870
Found of Rehab Counseling
CEP 871
Cogn & Psych Aspects Disab
CEP 872
Soc & Environ Aspects of Rehab
CEP 873
Employ Strat Ind Disabilities
CEP 876
Prof Iss Rehab Couns
CEP 877
Assessment in Rehabilitation
CEP 879
Teaching College Mathematics
CEP 880
Cognitive Assessment
CEP 881
Personality Assessment
CEP 882
Seminar in CEP
CEP 884
Roles & Func Sch Psychologist
CEP 885
Behavior Disorders in Children
CEP 886
Psych Assess & Interven I
CEP 888
Theories Child Psychotherapy
CEP 889
Consult School Psychology
CEP 890
Independent Study
CEP 891
Spec Top in Ed Psy & Ed Tech
CEP 893K
Practicum in School Psychology
CEP 893A
Rehab Counseling Internship
CEP 893F
Special Ed Intern Teach
CEP 893J
Spec Ed Internship
CEP 894J
Spec Ed Practicum
CEP 894A
Rehab Counseling Practicum
CEP 894K
Intrnshp in School Psychology
CEP 894F
Appl Behavior Analysis Prac
CEP 894G
Special Ed Practicum
CEP 899
Master's Thesis Research
CEP 900
Prosem in Ed Psych & Ed Tech I
CEP 901
Prosem Educ Psych & Ed Tech II
CEP 902
Psychology Learn Schl Subjects
CEP 903
Cogn Devel Across the Lifespan
CEP 904
Soc-Emotion Dev Across Lifspan
CEP 905
Cultural Persp Learn & Devel
CEP 907
Psychological Study Teaching
CEP 909
Cognition and Technology
CEP 910
Motivation & Learning
CEP 911
Intellectual History Educ Psy
CEP 913
Psychology & Pedagogy Math
CEP 915
Literacy Sociocultural Context
CEP 916
Intellectual History Educ Tech
CEP 918
Theories Sch Psych Intervent
CEP 919
Curr Res & Issues School Psych
CEP 921
Psychometric Theory I
CEP 922
Psychometric Theory II
CEP 923
Item Response Theory
CEP 925
Applied Research in Special Ed
CEP 926
Proseminar in Mathematics Ed
CEP 930
Educational Inquiry
CEP 931
Intro Qualitative Meth Ed Res
CEP 932
Quant Meth in Ed Res I
CEP 933
Quantitative Meth in Ed Res II
CEP 934
Multivariate Data Analysis I
CEP 935
Adv Multivariate Data Anly II
CEP 938
Latent Variable Modeling
CEP 939
Sem in Educational Measurement
CEP 941
Acad Iss Spec Ed At-Risk Stdnt
CEP 942
SCED for Intervention Research
CEP 943
Multicultural Issues Spec Ed
CEP 944A
Rehabilitation Pedagogy
CEP 944B
Teaching Internship in Rehab
CEP 944C
Clinical Practice in Rehab
CEP 944D
Clinical Supervision Intern
CEP 946A
Regress Analysis for Ed Policy
CEP 949
Critical Issues in Special Ed
CEP 953
Teachers and Technology
CEP 954
Design and Methods Math Ed Res
CEP 955
Rsch Design Educ Psy/Educ Tech
CEP 956
Mind, Media, and Learning
CEP 957
Learning in Complex Domains
CEP 958
History Literacy Rsch Instr
CEP 959
Literacy Development
CEP 960
Theoretical Found Counseling
CEP 961
Adv Perspect on Culture
CEP 963
Ethics in Couns & Sch Psyc
CEP 964
Prac & Professional Rehab
CEP 965
Bases of Rehab & Disability
CEP 968
Rsch Mthds Couns School Psy
CEP 969
Clinical Supervision
CEP 972
Neurobiological Bases Learning
CEP 973
Child Neuropysch Assessment
CEP 980
Writing, Research, and Theory
CEP 981
Resrch on Litercy & Technology
CEP 982
Sem Couns Ed Psy Spec Ed
CEP 990
Independent Study
CEP 991B
Spec Top Ed Stat & Res Design
CEP 991A
Spec Top Lrng Tech & Culture
CEP 993K
Practicum in PhD School Psych
CEP 994K
Internship in PhD School Psych
CEP 995
Pract Res Design & Data Anly
CEP 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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