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CEM 121
Explorations in Chemistry
CEM 141
General Chemistry
CEM 142
General & Inorganic Chemistry
CEM 143
Survey of Organic Chemistry
CEM 151
General/Descriptive Chemistry
CEM 152
Principles of Chemistry
CEM 161
Chemistry Laboratory I
CEM 162
Chemistry Laboratory II
CEM 181H
Honors Chemistry I
CEM 182H
Honors Chemistry II
CEM 185H
Honors Chemistry Laboratory I
CEM 251
Organic Chemistry I
CEM 252
Organic Chemistry II
CEM 255
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CEM 262
Quantitative Analysis
CEM 311
Inorganic Chemistry
CEM 333
Instrumental Methods and App
CEM 351
Organic Chemistry I
CEM 352
Organic Chemistry II
CEM 355
Organic Laboratory I
CEM 356
Organic Laboratory II
CEM 383
Intro Physical Chemistry I
CEM 384
Intro Physical Chemistry II
CEM 395
Analytical/Physical Lab
CEM 400H
Honors Work
CEM 411
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CEM 415
Advanced Synthesis Laboratory
CEM 417
Instrumental Methods Neurosci
CEM 419
Independent Study
CEM 420
Independent Research
CEM 425
Chemistry Communication (W)
CEM 434
Analytical Chemistry
CEM 435
Analytical Laboratory
CEM 444
Chemical Safety
CEM 482
Sci & Tech of Wine Production
CEM 483
Quantum Chemistry
CEM 484
Molecular Thermodynamics
CEM 485
Modern Nuclear Chemistry
CEM 495
Molecular Spectroscopy
CEM 499
Chemical Physics Seminar
CEM 811
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I
CEM 812
Adv Inorganic Chemistry II
CEM 820
Organometallic Chemistry
CEM 832
Mass Spectrometry
CEM 834
Adv Analytical Chemistry I
CEM 835
Adv Analytical Chemistry II
CEM 837
Electroanalytical Chemistry
CEM 845
Struc Spectroscopy Organ Cmpnd
CEM 850
Intermediate Organic Chemistry
CEM 851
Advanced Organic Chemistry
CEM 852
Methods of Organic Synthesis
CEM 881
Atomic and Molecular Structure
CEM 882
Kinetics & Spectroscopic Meth
CEM 883
Computational Quantum Chem
CEM 890
Chemical Problems and Reports
CEM 899
Master's Thesis Research
CEM 913
Sel Top Inorganic Chemistry
CEM 918
Inorganic Chemistry Seminar
CEM 924
Sel Top Analytical Chemistry
CEM 938
Analytical Chemistry Seminar
CEM 956
Sel Top Organic Chemistry
CEM 958
Organic Chemistry Seminar
CEM 985
Selected Topics in Nuclear Ch
CEM 987
Sel Top Physical Chemistry I
CEM 991
Quant Chem & Stat Thermodyn I
CEM 992
Quant Chem & Stat Thermodyn II
CEM 993
Adv Topics Quantum Chemistry
CEM 994
Adv Topics Statistical Mechan
CEM 995
Nuclear Chemistry Seminar
CEM 998
Physical Chemistry Seminar
CEM 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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