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CE 221
CE 273
CEE Measurements
CE 274
CEE Graphics
CE 280
Principle of Envir Engr & Sci
CE 305
Intro to Structural Analysis
CE 312
Soil Mechanics
CE 321
Introduction to Fluid Mechanic
CE 337
Civil Engineering Materials
CE 341
Transportation Engineering
CE 371
Sustainable CEE Systems
CE 372
Risk Analysis in CEE
CE 400
Structural Mechanics
CE 405
Design of Steel Structures
CE 406
Design of Concrete Structures
CE 407
Materials Eng
CE 418
Geotechnical Engineering
CE 421
Engineering Hydrology
CE 422
Applied Hydraulics
CE 431
Pavement Design and Analysis
CE 432
Pavement Rehabilitation
CE 444
Traffic Engineering
CE 448
Transportation Planning
CE 449
Highway Design
CE 461
Computational Methods in CE
CE 471
Construction Engineering
CE 480
Environmental Measurements Lab
CE 481
Envir Chem
CE 483
Water & Wastewater Engineering
CE 487
Microb for Envir Sci & Eng
CE 489
Air Pollution Science Engr
CE 490
Independent Study
CE 492
Sel Topics in Civil Engr
CE 495
Senior Design in Civil & Env
CE 802
Intro Dynamics/Earthquake Egr
CE 803
Structural Dynamics
CE 804
Mechanics for Infrastructure
CE 805
Adv Design Steel Structures
CE 807
Seismic Structural Design
CE 808
Structural Fire Engineering
CE 809
Advanced Composites
CE 815
Sel Top in Geotechnical Egr
CE 818
Advanced Geotechnical Design
CE 821
Groundwater Hydraulics
CE 822
Groundwater Modeling
CE 829
Mixing and Transp in Surf Wat
CE 832
Advanced Asphalt Pavements
CE 838
Bituminous Materials
CE 841
Traffic Flow Theory
CE 844
Highway and Traffic Safety
CE 847
Traffic Analysis & Control
CE 849
Transportation Research Method
CE 850
Intelligent Transp Systems-ITS
CE 851
Transport & Environment
CE 872
Finite Element Method
CE 878
Autonomous Futures
CE 890
Indp Sty in Civil Engineering
CE 891
Spec Top in Civil Engineering
CE 892
Master's Research Project
CE 899
Master's Thesis Research
CE 900
Research Strat Meth Civil Eng
CE 990
Independent Study in Civil Egr
CE 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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