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CAS 101
Special Topics Seminar
CAS 110
Creative Thinking
CAS 111
Design and Layout
CAS 112
Story, Sound and Motion
CAS 114
Creativity & Entrepreneurship
CAS 116
Media Sketching & Graphics
CAS 117
Games and Interactivity
CAS 192
Environmental Issues Seminar
CAS 201
Audio Video I
CAS 202
Audio and Video II
CAS 203
Media Design
CAS 204
Web Design
CAS 205
Media Photography
CAS 206
Graphics & Illustration
CAS 207
Media Animation
CAS 208
Media Interactivity
CAS 214
Social Media & Start-up
CAS 290
Special Topics
CAS 292
App Environmental Studies
CAS 396
Integrated Media Arts Spec Top
CAS 492
Special Topics
CAS 825
Mass Comm & Public Health
CAS 826
Health Comm Diverse Publics
CAS 827
Digital Media Strategies
CAS 828
Pers Tech for Working Profess
CAS 829
Eval Tech for Working Profes
CAS 832
Strategic Message Development
CAS 835
Branding & Image Communication
CAS 837
Catalyst Thinking in C-Suite
CAS 839
Media Analytics COM Pros
CAS 840
Audience Analytics
CAS 842
Prof Communication Ethics
CAS 844
CAS 850
Health Informatics
CAS 892
Special Topics
CAS 975
Intro Methods
CAS 991
Ways of Knowing
CAS 992
Doctoral Seminar
CAS 994
Effective IDR Collaborations
CAS 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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