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BLD 121
Survive and Thrive Fr Seminar
BLD 204
Mechanisms of Disease
BLD 213L
Clinical Laboratory Methods
BLD 213
Applic of Clinical Lab Prin
BLD 214L
Biomed Lab Research Techniques
BLD 302
Clinical Chemistry
BLD 313
Quality in Clinical Lab Pract
BLD 314L
Adv Clin Lab Methods
BLD 324
Hematology and Hemostasis
BLD 365
Medical Microbiology
BLD 365L
Medical Microbiology Lab
BLD 402
Advanced Clinical Chemistry
BLD 417
Quality in Lab Testing
BLD 424
Adv Hematology and Hemostasis
BLD 424L
Adv Heme/Coag/Urines Lab
BLD 430L
Molecular Diagnostics Lab
BLD 430
Molecular Diagnostics
BLD 433
Clin Immuno & Immunohem Lab
BLD 434
Clinical Immunology
BLD 435L
Immunohematology Lab
BLD 435
BLD 439
Histocomp and Immunogenetics
BLD 442
Ed & Mgt in Clin Lab
BLD 443
Into Lab Information Systems
BLD 445
Medical Lab Management
BLD 446
Immunobiology of Neoplasia
BLD 447
Immunomodulation & Immunother
BLD 450
Eukaryotic Pathogens
BLD 452L
Immunodiagnostics Laboratory
BLD 455
Integ Clin Lab Sci Discip (W)
BLD 456
Med Lab Professionalism (W)
BLD 460
Advanced Molecular Diagnostics
BLD 465
Adv Medical Microbiology
BLD 465L
Adv Medical Microbiology Lab
BLD 471L
Adv Clinical Chemistry Lab
BLD 471
Adv Clinical Chemistry Lab
BLD 472
Advanced Clinical Chemistry
BLD 473L
Adv Clin Hemat & Body Fl Lab
BLD 473
Adv Clin Hemat & Body Fl Lab
BLD 474
Adv Clin Hemat & Body Fluids
BLD 475L
Adv Clin Immun & Immunohem Lab
BLD 475
Adv Clin Immun & Immunohem Lab
BLD 476
Adv Clin Immun & Immunohem
BLD 477L
Adv Clinical Microbiology Lab
BLD 477
Adv Clinical Microbiology Lab
BLD 478
Advanced Clinical Microbiology
BLD 479
Prof Behavior in MLS
BLD 480
MLS Examinations I
BLD 481
MLS Examinations II
BLD 495
Directed Study
BLD 498
Focused Problems in CLS
BLD 498L
Infectious Disease Laboratory
BLD 801
Biomedical Lab Diagnostics Sem
BLD 811
Fundamentals Sci Research
BLD 815
Cell Biology Health/Disease I
BLD 830
Concepts in Molecular Biology
BLD 831
Clin Appl of Mol Biol
BLD 835
Hemo/Thromb and Resource Mngmt
BLD 836
Adverse Transfusion Outcomes
BLD 837
Transfusion Serv Oper & Mgt
BLD 838
Clin Blood Prod Management
BLD 842
Managing BMLO
BLD 844
Topics in BMLO
BLD 846
Decision Processes for BMLO
BLD 850
Concepts in Immunodiagnostics
BLD 851
Clin Aps of Immunodiagnostics
BLD 861
Emerging Infections, & Tech
BLD 870
Clinical Mass Spec Theory
BLD 871
Applied CLinical Mass Spectrom
BLD 872
Clinical Mass Spectrometry Lab
BLD 890
Sel Prob Clinical Lab Sciences
BLD 895
Projects in BMLO
BLD 899
Master's Thesis Research
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