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BE 101
Intro to Biosystems Engr
BE 230
Eng Analysis Bio Sys
BE 332
Engr Prop of Bio Materials
BE 334
Biosystems Engineering Lab
BE 350
Heat & Mass Transfer in BE
BE 351
Thermo for Bio Engineering
BE 360
Microbial Systems Engineering
BE 385
Egr Design & Optimiz Bio Sys
BE 402
Agricultural Climatology
BE 418
Animal Agriculture & Environ
BE 419
Applic GIS Natural Resources
BE 429
Fundamentals Food Engineering
BE 443
Restoration Ecology
BE 444
Biosensors Med Diagnostics
BE 449
Human Health Risk Analysis
BE 452
Watershed Concepts
BE 456
Electric Power and Control
BE 461
Sem Plant Animal Micr Biotech
BE 467
BioEnergy Feedstock Production
BE 468
Biomass Conversion Engineering
BE 469
Sustainable Bioenergy Systems
BE 475
Intl Studies - Biosystems Engr
BE 477
Food Engineering
BE 478
Food Engineering
BE 481
Water Resources Systems Analys
BE 482
Engr Ecol Treat Systems
BE 485
Biosystems Design Techniques
BE 487
Biosystems Design Project (W)
BE 490
Independent Study
BE 491
Special Topics
BE 815
Experiment & Instrument BioEgr
BE 820
Res Meth Biosystems Engr
BE 835
Modeling Methods in Bio Engr
BE 844
BE 849
Health Risk Model & Analysis
BE 869
LCA for Bioenergy Systems
BE 890
Special Problems
BE 891
Adv Top in Biosystems Engr
BE 892
Biosystems Engineering Seminar
BE 899
Master's Thesis Research
BE 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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