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ADV 205
Principles of Advertising
ADV 210
Concept Development
ADV 222
Introduction to Copywriting
ADV 224
Introduction to Creative Media
ADV 225
Writing for Public Relations
ADV 245
Multimed Commerical Production
ADV 260
Principles of Public Relations
ADV 322
360-degree Copywriting
ADV 325
Public Relations Tech & Ethics
ADV 326
Advanced Creative
ADV 330
Advertising Mgt Strategy
ADV 334
International Advertising
ADV 342
Account Planning and Research
ADV 350
Media Planning
ADV 352
Media Sales
ADV 354
Interactive Adv Design
ADV 360
Advanced Sales Communication
ADV 375
Consumer Behavior
ADV 386
Campaign Competition
ADV 402
Public Relations Topics in Adv
ADV 413
Contemporary ADV Issues
ADV 420
New Media Driver's License
ADV 422
Advanced Copywriting
ADV 425
Public Relations Strategy
ADV 428
Advanced Creative
ADV 430
Social Mktg Strat & Practice
ADV 431
Monitoring/Measuring Soc Media
ADV 432
Digital Media Planning/Buying
ADV 433
Internet Video Promo Strategy
ADV 436
Promotions and Sponsorships
ADV 442
Digital Analytics
ADV 445
Programmatic Media Buying
ADV 450
Portfolio Presentation
ADV 456
Interactive Adv Mgmt Strategy
ADV 475
Advertising and Society
ADV 481
Retail Strategy Analysis
ADV 486
Integrated Campaigns (W)
ADV 490
Independent Study
ADV 492
Special Topics
ADV 493
Advert/Public Rel Internship
ADV 494
Practicum Rsch & Creative
ADV 803
Intro Quantitative Research
ADV 816
Fundraising Philan Nonprof Org
ADV 823
Consumer Behavior
ADV 826
Advertising & Promotion Mgt
ADV 830
Seminar in Social Marketing
ADV 836
Media Innovations
ADV 843
Strategic Brand Communication
ADV 850
Public Relations Management
ADV 855
Public Relations Theories
ADV 860
Media Relations
ADV 865
Advertising and Society
ADV 870
International Advertising
ADV 890
Independent Study
ADV 892
Special Topics
ADV 893
ADV 899
Master's Thesis Research
ADV 900
Media & Info Theory Building
ADV 916
Qualitative Research Methods
ADV 921
Media Theory
ADV 960
Media and Technology
ADV 975
Intro Methods
ADV 985
Analysis for Media
ADV 992
Doctoral Seminar
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