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BIOL 1018 - Food Matters: The Science of Food, Agriculture, and Human Nutrition

Understanding the biology behind food, agriculture, and human nutrition is key to dispelling common misunderstandings, making informed choices, forging a sustainable future and developing a greater appreciation of the meals we consume each day. This course, in coordination with Engl 2018, Food Matters: Writing About Food, will engage students in exploration of the biology surrounding human interactions with their food. Topics may include: diet and nutrition, centers of origin of food plants and animals, how our senses influence the taste and enjoyment of food, the science of baking and fermentation, GMOs, and the effects of industrial agriculture on biodiversity and climate change. prereq: Engl 1601 or Engl 2109 or equiv or instr consent, coreq Engl 2018. Class Notes: Friday class time meets at 9:15-10:20 am with Engl 2018 in Humanities, room 211. Enrollment Requirements: Engl 1601 or Engl 2109, coreq Engl 2018.
Physical & Biological Sciences without Lab
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