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ELED 476 - Meth. Of Teaching Math

2 Credits Two hours per week. This course provides the teacher candidate with an understanding of basic mathematical and scientific concepts and skills that are taught in the elementary and middle school. Candidates are instructed concerning the objectives of the elementary and the middle school mathematics programs. Teacher candidates are provided with opportunities to help develop skills in utilizing modern techniques and materials in mathematics instruction. Specifically, the purpose of this course is to teach the teacher candidate to integrate the competencies and knowledge acquired in major, professional and pedagogical courses so as to create learning experiences that make central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of the content area meaningful for all students. Moreover, this course emphasizes that the teacher candidate must create learning experiences that build on the experiential, cultural, racial, gender and socioeconomic diversity of his/her students in order that they might achieve higher levels of learning. Knowledge and procedures required for the successful implementation of State and National Assessment outcomes for mathematics are addressed. Requisite: Candidates enrolled in methods courses are required to participate in practicum experiences (in elementary and/ or middle school) connected with the course. Procedures for ensuring that the teacher candidates acquire strategies for developing State and National Assessment competencies in their students are emphasized. To introduce the yearlong internship, and to comply with the 100 consecutive days expectations, candidates will be required to attend seminars during the first and second semester. The interns will receive prerequisite activities designed for a successful completion of the internship. Prerequisite(s) Completion of all professional education requirements, senior status, and admission to the Teacher Education Program.
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