HST 583J - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis

Prereq: 18.05 and (18.06 or permission of instructor). Provides background necessary for designing, conducting, and interpreting fMRI studies in the human brain. Covers in depth the physics of image encoding, mechanisms of anatomical and functional contrasts, the physiological basis of fMRI signals, cerebral hemodynamics, and neurovascular coupling. Also covers design methods for stimulus-, task-driven and resting-state experiments, as well as workflows for model-based and data-driven analysis methods for data. Instruction in brain structure analysis and surface- and region-based analyses. Laboratory sessions include data acquisition sessions at the 3 Tesla MRI scanner at MIT and the Connectom and 7 Tesla scanners at the MGH/HST Martinos Center, as well as hands-on data analysis workshops. Introductory or college-level neurobiology, physics, and signal processing are helpful.
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