15 7611 - Introduction to Operations Management

Prereq: 6.041B, 15.0791, or permission of instructor. Imparts concepts, techniques, and tools to design, analyze, and improve core operational capabilities and apply them to a broad range of domains and industries. Emphasizes the effect of uncertainty in decision-making, as well as the interplay among high-level financial objectives, operational capabilities, and people and organizational issues. Covers topics in capacity analysis, process design, process and business innovation, inventory management, risk pooling, supply chain coordination, sustainable operations, quality management, operational risk management, pricing and revenue management. Underscores how these topics are integrated with different functions of the firm. Case studies and simulation games provide experience in applying central concepts and techniques to solve real-world business challenges. Meets with 15.7611 when offered concurrently. Expectations and evaluation criteria differ for students taking graduate version; consult syllabus or instructor for specific details.
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