15 445 - Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity

Prereq: 15.515 or 15.516; Coreq: 15.402, 15.414, or 15.415. Uses case studies to explore the financial aspects of a wide range of corporate mergers and buyout transactions: classic stock and cash mergers; minority squeeze-outs; company sale process and auction design; hostile takeover law and strategy; the structuring, financing and valuation of leveraged buyouts; the structure, history and returns of private equity buyout funds; publicly traded private equity firms; and more. Includes guest lectures on the practices and tools used in private equity and M&A. Students participate in group work, both in and out of class, including a full-term project involving the mock sale of a company. Meets with 15.4451 when offered concurrently. Expectations and evaluation criteria for graduate students will differ from those of undergraduates; consult syllabus or instructor for specific details.
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