15 360 - Introduction to Technological Entrepreneurship

Prereq: Permission of instructor. Provides an overview of entrepreneurial knowledge for founding, developing and growing new enterprises, primarily focused on companies with a technological base. Aimed at students who are enthusiastic about possible careers as entrepreneurs or "joiners" in early-stage firms. Weekly lectures and discussions by academic and practitioner faculty in the MIT Entrepreneurship Program and by leaders of related MIT entrepreneurship activities, e.g., Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, Deshpande Center, and Venture Mentoring Service, as well as by successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Includes student Open Mic presentations and discussion of new business ideas, as well as project study of existing young companies. Enrollment in Silicon Valley Study Tour for the following spring term is required. No listeners; restricted to students in Sloan Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) MBA track.
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