SPE 627 - Seminar in Developmental and Sensory Disabilities

Prerequisite: SPE 607 or SPE 625 or equivalent. This course is designed to provide practitioners with the knowledge and skills to implement research based practices for individuals with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The course will also address issues specific to sensory integration, visual impairments, and significant cognitive delays. Students will examine in depth, approaches and models validated to support present level of performance needs for individuals with a variety of developmental and sensory requirements. Students will complete lecture hours where theoretical perspectives and the detailed components of various treatments are examined. In a corresponding field component, students will implement an applied project that will address the sensory, communication, learning, and social needs of a client who has been identified with multiple developmental delays. Measurement of outcomes specific to treatment plans will be a significant component of the applied activities. May be taught concurrently with SPE 527. Cannot receive credit for both SPE 527 and SPE 627. 3(2-2) D
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